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We have again been advised to move from the Attendance Allowance paid by the Department of Works & Pensions at £70 per week to the Constant Attendance Allowance paid by the Service Personnel & Veterans Agency however they have 4 levels of payment
1. £115 per week
2.£86 " "
3.£57 " "
4.£28 " "
i have been informed that whichever is the highest that is the amount awarded but from what i have been told most claimants receive the £57 per week from the S.P.V.A. but the good news if you receive less then you are receiving now from the D.W.P. they have to make the payment up to the £70 per week therefore the old doll would get £57 from S.P.V.A.& £11 per week from the D.W.P. .

if in the future A.A. was removed would veterans be safe from such benefit cuts Image
I've just heard about this: ... lays/print

Has this already been discussed? If so, I apologise.