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CUk's short memory. - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

CUk's short memory.

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Thanks Christine.

I'd like to clarify our policy for everyone. We reserve the right to use comments from the forum in our magazine and maybe in other publications. However we do not identify you by your full name. We also, as a matter of courtesy, let you know if we are going to do this.

There should never be any surprises and of course if you object we will remove it. Christine sends emails to everyone in plenty of time for you to give any objections. We can also change the username if you think your username would identify you.

The information on this forum is incredibly useful and we want to share it with as many carers as possible, but your privacy is very important to us. So just to be absolutely clear - no one will have anything from here reproduced anywhere ever, without you knowing about it and having the chance to object.

I hope therefore that you will not let this issue worry you or alter the way you post on here. The forum works because carers can be honest about their problems and anonymous if they want to be. But it is also worth remembering that this forum is public and anything you write here can be read by anyone anywhere in the world! That's why we don't encourage personal addresses, numbers etc to be posted on here. If you are worried then you should pick a username that cannot identify you and be careful about putting things such as where you live.

Thank you Cuk for clarifying this.
I dont object to the subject matter of the thread being highlighted.
However, I did feel objection to not being informed of my right to refuse permissision and change my user name when I was informed that this is to be printed.
I was only thinking about other carers who post when they are in dire need of support, and then , find they are informed of their posts being printed and are faced with the worry about their caree seeing their posting about them printed in your magazine and are not aware they can refuse this.
Best wishes
Excalibur, thanks for the photo of the nasturtiums;very bright and cheerful.We always have a mass of them at the end of the summer. Image