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Unsupportive line manager

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Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with a difficult line manager at work? My line manager said that the "job wasn't working" because other members of staff had to cover my work when I was on Carer's Leave and asked me how the organisation was supposed to cope with my absences. I have only taken Carer's Leave in emergencies and it is unpaid. As Carer's Leave is a statutory right, do my line manager's remarks count as harrassment? I have contacted my union rep and she offered to have a meeting but didn't think my manager had done anything wrong!

My manager has been unsupportive in the past e.g. some months ago I asked her for a more flexible start time, just for the one day a week when I worked a full day instead of an afternoon, after my mother had just been discharged from hosptial with a back injury, but she refused.

Hope somebody can help me deal with this situation.
Whilst doing a degree I needed some information on Employment Law, and found ACAS brilliant. Your boss's action might even amount to "constructive dismissal". Have a look at your various insurances. If any of them cover "Legal Expenses" give them a ring. My standard Pru policy paid almost £10,000 on legal fees with a difficult problem.
Hi bowlingbun, thanks for replying so quickly.

My line manager hasn't actually dismissed me, and when I asked her what she would do in my situation she said she couldn't tell me; "it has to be your decision". But I think that strongly hinting that I shouldn't be doing the job and trying to make me feel guilty for taking Carer's Leave could be seen as harrassment, which is illegal. What's worrying me is that my union rep doesn't think she's done anything wrong. My union would, I think, cover legal fees if needed, but I don't know who to turn to if my union rep doesn't understand the situation, despite a clearly worded and detailed e-mail to her.
"Constructive dismissal" doesn't state that your boss has made you quit your job - he knows that this is outright illegal (as we do)... more that his attitude is making it impossible for you to remain in your job so you are more likely to quit as a result of it.

Perhaps you could speak to citizen's advice, they may be able to help you to communicate the severity of the situation to your union rep a little better and in a way that she is better able to understand clearly what is happening here.
Constructive dismissal is a situation where your position is made so difficult that you can no longer work there - so you resign.

It's difficult to prove and so I would suggest you ask your manager for notes of all meetings (and keep your own), and letters/memos explaining what they perceive the problem as being. And definitely talk to ACAS!! 08457 474747 - open on Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, and I think on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm
Your union rep might think this but have you been to the union itself? If your rep has limited experience in this area he/she might not have a full understanding of the situation - a regional person might be able to offer guidance based on wider experience.
Good luck!
Hi Jane

I used my Union in a matter unrelated to caring and they were excellent. It is most important that you go beyond your local rep. They are not full time officials and dont have the same depth of training and experience. A regional office of the union can help. Ask local rep to refer you because you have to go through Union to get legal advice (it was swift and clear and detailed)

Always note conversations
Yes, ask as advised, for notes of all meetings and discussions and a trick I learned - ask in writing via an email. Then when reply comes check you have been given all that your line manager has.

Union officials (rather than reps) deal with HR and anything your lione manager says or has done will be looked at by HR

good luck

Muvvs x x x
Thanks everybody for this useful advice.