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Cracked! Taken my first diazapam.... - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

Cracked! Taken my first diazapam....

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Don't worry, there's no problem with putting your head in a microwave. I've never tried it, however as a very practical woman, I know you'd never get the door shut! Night all.
There is a first time for everything ... Image
I cant see why anyone would want to leave Glasgow, where we have free personal care and the best of company, for somewhere down south. Our weather is OK, well, at least we arent 5' under water...
Nor are we, Scally, most of the time. The free personal care sounds great, but as Jenny is the only person her MIL has, in the way of family, the idea of reducing the journey between them from 600 miles to a few miles sounds pretty reasonable. As for the weather, it's often a few degrees warmer in the south of England than it is in Scotland, and as elderly people often feel the cold more it's not surprising that many of them retire to the south coast.
I lived in Hastings for five years and the wind down there often reaches hurricane force: it is no 'Riviera' I'll tell you that for nowt. Best place for a nice climate? Heaven, obviously, I cant work out why we aren't all in a hurry to get there earlier, given all the attractions, lol.. Image
I would like to ask SussexRokx for his personal advice on this]http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_lol.gif[/img]
I have no experience in this field, so should not really comment at all, but microwaving your head seems a bit of an extreme measure to take against the cold weather up there - surely a woolly hat would be a better idea?!? Image

As for heaven... if only that was a certainty, I think many people would feel very differently about life on earth. I envy those who have faith.
Thats not what I meant at all, but the nickname for Bexhill On Sea was "God's Waiting Room" lol
Our area is also called that Scally, also the more upmarket term of "Costa Geriatrica"!