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Country park access

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We stopped by a totally accessible country park near Wrexham on our way home from dentist on Tuesday and thought how nice it was.

Now we've moved back into England, we seem to be in a bit of a hole when it comes to accessible country parks. In N. Shrops we have Haughmond Hill, Ironbridge, The Wrekin, Attingham Park (stately home & grounds), but devoid of actual country parks, with proper paths and grass and the like. Ellesmere is great, but not exactly a 'country park'.

Does anyone know of any in this area?
Cannock Chase needs a lot of driving to. Stiperstones, isn't exactly a 'park'. Long Mynd ditto. Stretton Hills ditto.
Feels like we're in a black hole somehow?

Telford Town Park isn't exactly a 'country park' either.
Hope you get what I mean, folks.
Well, I can't help you directly but you might like to take a look at The National Trust's website they should have the answers to your question.
Do they manage country parks?
I'll have a delve, thanks.
I suppose you mean wheelchair accessible?
There are lots of other access issues; but when disability comes up everyone thinks: "wheelchair"!
Have you been to "Grandma's garden" Fran?It is between Aberystwyth and Maccynlleth(can't remember how to spell it sorry!)
I keep meaning to go,but haven't got there yet. I have seen it on TV. It was built by a middle aged couple, mainly the husband. The gardens are on several levels. They are sensory as well as being wheelchair accessible.
It was Rob's comment that reminded me of these gardens. I know that Ben loves sensory gardens. My mother used to walk him through her garden touching everything except foxgloves,and getting the feel of different plants, before he could even walk or talk. He loves herb gardens especially.
The Botanic Gardens in Wales is also wheelchair accessible. Don't know how far that is from you, may be near enough for a day out.(But take a picnic, food very nice there, but VERY expensive.)
I don't think they "manage them" per se, but a couple of years ago, I remember them advertising such a booklet about disabled friendly attractions on tv. That's why I suggested them. Another possibility is to google "Disabled friendly attractions near..." and see what you get from that
Did anyone catch this story? I know its the ghastly Daily Mail, but even so...
A disabled man's incredible tank-style wheelchair that lets him go on off-road adventures has been sidelined by officials because it is too big to use in public.
Jim Starr, 36, was hoping to use the hulking chair, which has caterpillar treads instead of wheels, to enjoy days out at the beach and the countryside with his children.
The Tank Chair is designed to move easily across multi-terrain and Jim, 36, has already driven it through snow, across sand and into the surf of his local beach.

Read more]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... z1BcHMe7Kp[/url]
The Botanical Gardens are near Cardiff, which is 315 mile round trip - I know - we went there last Friday to look at this new vehicle of ours!!!!! Image Image Image Image Image
I have been there with a garden club I used to belong to, but not with hubby.

And Excaly, I did mean wheelchair accessible, yes, sorry I should have said.

And no, we've not been to Granny's Garden, sounds pretty.

We do enjoy all the gardens, but I meant a proper country park, where people take their dogs for a run, or have picnics in the open space - bit like Dunstable Downs, you know?
The Botanical gardens are near Carmarthen, about 50 miles west of Cardiff. I didn't realise it would be so far for you. That would be a very long day out then!
hi lazydaisey,

those gardens outside carmarthen are good, we were there in october , my other 2 sons live in carmarthen and we were at a cottage at cross hands.