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Do you own your own home if so check out your council tax band as we all know proerty prices have fallen some by 50% therefore you could be entitled to a lower banding .
Just 2 years ago when house prices were going through the roof (ha ha ) the councils wanted to revalue all properties that would put them all in higher banding but now when the property prices are down councils are a wee bit quiet aint life strange.
AND when you have a caree living in the house, your council tax band gets assessed as per the next band down. So, your tax banded C house, would become a tax band B house and you would pay the rates related to that AND get your disability discount on top.
Whilst we're on the subject of council tax, I just thought I'd flag up the information on our website for those newbies who might not know its there:

http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Fin ... counciltax

Explains all the different ways you may be able to get help with your council tax bill
I tried my local Council to get a reduction in our Council tax band,we are band C,but was told that there has to be a room,either a bathroom or bedroom which is for the sole use of your caree in order to be dropped a band and you can only get a reduction in council tax,if you are not married to your caree,
very true but our council will pay the disabled allowance if you use wheelchair within the home as we do, we also have room adapted for the old doll.
Our council tax is Band A so no further reduction, even though we would qualify for a band reduction otherwise.
Meg, you CAN qualify for a reduction: if you are on band A and would otherwise qualify for a reduction in Council Tax by dropping a band, you can get 1/6 knocked off your bill.
Must get nagging at the Council again then, they said "We can`t reduce band A........ it`s the lowest there is" whilst looking at me as if I am the stoopid one!

Take care
We are Band A and have recently been granted a rebate. Good luck Meg.