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Last year feb 2006 my father died this led to a cock up with our council tax as every thing was in his name
we got it sorted but not until december when w then had to pay my half of the tax £500 my mother gets full tax and disabled releif plus housing benefit i get nowt however last year i was told i should have got a 25% discount this was turned down ive now been told i should have got it so this years bill has arrived and as we overpaid last year the bill is only about £400 i have been told i shoud have it reduced by 25% also should get £130 rebate for last years bill.
as far as i know its not means tested ????? so as i am aregistered carer and not a spouse and live at the same home as the disabled person should be ok BUT I BET ITS NOT.

aanywho mums had a letter from M.O.D. veterans agency she can have 4 weeks respite upto august to give me a break and she is entitled to 4 weeks every year free at last some good news. shes going to R.A.F. home up at rothbury even though she was in A.T.S./W.R.A.C she will have to "slum" it with the fly boys
forgot to get mothers day card so just gave her a big kiss response get off you stupid sod well thats my mum would not change her for the world
Hi George

We get 25% discount off our council tax because Mum's on higher rate attendance allowance and I get carers allowance for her - I didn't realise until I read the leaflet with the bill, no-one tells you anything Image As far as I know it's not means tested, just dependent on what benefits you get, hope you get it sorted out soon - council tax is a rip-off anyway, all they're bothered about round here is getting the rubbish collections down to once a fortnight, I spend all my time sorting the recycle stuff as it is Image

Mum was in the WAAF during the war, she was based at Norton and has some very happy memories Image

A kiss from her son will be worth more than any card George Image

Take care

Paula xx
sorted and should be backdated ive been told you can get discount even if you are not receiving carers allowance??????????
Hi George

There are 2 ways carers might get help with council tax - council tax benefit and council tax discount. They are different and I think the one most people are talking about is the 25% CT discount.

There is a page of basic information on this website here
http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Fin ... TaxBenefit

But as ever it's probably best to get some proper advice. Last month our carers helpline took a call from a carer who had been refused council tax discount by his council several times. With the help of our advisors he was eventually able to get it and get it backdated - he ended up with £6000. I know this won't benefit everyone but it is worth getting it checked out properly by an independent agency as councils don't always give you the right answer!

Matt Hill
Carers UK