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Coronavirus and caring

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Alan_19111 wrote:
Fri Mar 13, 2020 1:38 am
I wonder how Albert_1604 and his panictosis is doing? It's been clear for a long time that this is serious..
To the point that several of us are going to be in trouble and lose loved ones..

I'm annoyed at the Blaise of healthy people, If my Sister texts me tomorrow asking to bring over Mums Grandkids I will scream.
I think you are overreacting here. I’m not entirely sure if we can trust the newspapers and radio. Other than making sure to tell everyone to wash their hands often and stock up on tissues, I have not prepared much.
I have also bought two more bottles of hand sanitizer but please try to remember that common sense must prevail here as much as possible. We cannot control the newspapers but we can and must remain sensible. I frankly refuse to succumb to paranoia just yet. Why worry about the worst before it occurs?
There is no logic in doing so. And yes I care for my little three year old brother with a physical impairment. He is not more vulnerable than me or my partner. I apologise in advance if this is insensitive but I am not self isolating myself or him either. It seems a bit silly to do so.
Please do not panic. Panic makes it worse honestly. When I popped into town today to do some shopping, I met a lady from work outside on the street. We talked for a bit. She said that the general reaction was too much for her personally. I can understand what she meant by that. I have not listened to the newsreports or paid much attention to the radio bulletins on coronavirus as they are repetitive. Nor have I read the articles detailing official numbers as they seem quite depressing.
No one on this forum would be nominated idiot of the year. We have all joined for very sad, emotional reasons, including Albert. It's a very unpleasant statement to make in my humble opinion. We are a non judgemental forum, and hopefully will remain.

I do think we need to be a little more sensitive. There are many people not only in the higher age bracket but with under lining high health /autoimmune system/ needs. If we don't all work together. To delay as has been stated the NHS will not cope. I would like to think if any of my love ones became critical. That a least there was a bed. People have already lost loved ones through this virus. Imagine how they must feel. And if the rest of us don't take it seriously. With the normal types of flu there has been some protection. This virus has none.

Individuals are totally reliant on society taking this situation seriously. And just because it may not directly effect you. It does however effect someone's family.