Carer break for spa days

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Hello,I am a register carer,on a low income.I have applied to my Gp s surgery for a carers break.I just hope that some one can please advise.I have joined Groupon as [/am hoping to have spa days.I dont want to go away over night .as i am a worry wort.My husband has terminal cancer. I am utterly exhausted but every thing is all down to costings.regards Amanda h
Have you applied to your local authority or carers groups in your area. Some carers groups administer NHS funding for carers respite breaks etc.

You could also contact you Local Citizens advice.

If you are on low income or receive non/means tested benefits. There are many UK charities who will help fund such items.
A while ago I found a website called something like "Spa Breaks" with special offers.

Has alternative care been arranged for your husband that you are happy about, so you can relax at the spa?
Hello,I will always make arrangements for my hubby while I go off.I wouldn't dream of leaving him with out help.Regards Amanda h
BB didn't mean that as a criticism. She meant has someone else eg social services or continuing healthcare organised it for you because they're supposed to.