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Coping with Good and Bad Carers - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Coping with Good and Bad Carers

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Just hearing her snoring next door to me is better than any medication or therapy.
Im glad youre both doing well at home.
Don't be too wary of carers not in it for the long term. My partner has a carer who is effectively doing it as a gap year - he's not 20 yet. He is professional, willing and caring. He is doing it for the money but also for work experience, references and I think knowing he won't be doing it forever makes it easier to motivate himself. I think a carers system based around gap year students with good management and training could be a good one and of course most of them speak perfect English. Also gap year students are less affected by the casual nature of the payments system run by some care agencies (not his) as they generally have fewer immediate costs. It's also quite nice to see him maturing through taking responsibility, although I'm a bit concerned he already has to see a chiropractor - hopefully for sports injuries not work ones.
I'd never considered Gap Year students as carers, it's a really good idea.
2019 UK version of the 1961 USA Peace Corps ... which is now a major organisation across the pond ?

Has it's merits ... unlike national service in it's day ?
Needs to be entirely voluntary though. Noone wants to be looked after by someone who doesn't want to be doing it.
The allure of care giving versus world travels for gap year. I know which one I'd go for!
I think the days of money no object world travels are being overtaken by trying to get some money to fund yourself through university.
Yes. Im showing my age remembering local authority grants.
And thinking how much worse off we were than the previous generation because the grants had been eroded by inflation. We didn't know how lucky we were!