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Coping with Good and Bad Carers - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Coping with Good and Bad Carers

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HoneyBadger funny your saying how the good ones move on. Just yesterday I bumped into one of mum's bright carers who is now working at a BUPA care home. With a young son to look after, how much better must it be to do all your caring in the one place with no buses to catch between carees! I'm in Greater London.
Thanks for the interesting replies, Yes Mum has a proper care plan and she's signed a contract. For those of you who know the nightmare we had in Mum's care home, things are being done properly this time.

Is it true that carers only get paid for the hours in the Log Book while the Agency charges for the full hours in the contract? Sorry for my naivety but this is shocking and explains why there are so many lies, timewise.????
I think they get paid for the full time of their assignment. I think some carers are worried they may not if they write in the records they've been in the home for only a few minutes. I could be wrong though.

I do remember that some of mum's carers would use the care records to fill out their timecards for the week. Of course you don't know what the carers' contracts are with the care agency.
Final straw tonight with the tardy carer, I heard Mum shouting during her bed time call so I popped my head in.

Despite Mums speech problems, it seemed she wanted the toilet. The carers had already dressed Mum in her nighty and she was sat on the side of her bed clearly distressed. I asked if she needed the toilet and unfortunately her reply was unclear, the carers were quick to say she'd been on the commode.

An hour later Mum woke me as her pad was already wet, the carers had written in the "care book" small amount of urine passed, when clearly there was still much more to come. Fifthteen minutes later I found Mum sat on the edge of her bed trying to pull out the pad. As writing this is the first time in six weeks of Mum being home, that she can't settle because of the negligence of a paid carer wanting to get in and out as soon as possible. I am angry to say the least,

I really need to toughen up as I feel guilty for believing the carers over Mum. I just hate confrontation..
We are very lucky to have carers or rather one carer twice a day.But they are badly paid,no time &So many of these carers are not bothered to understand care plans,& many don't understand ENGLISH!! I am my Husband s main carer,& can't do everything as I myself have my own issues,with arthritis in both my knees & hips,& hands.My poorly Husband who has terminal cancer. & is severely sighted in both eyes & deaf..Some of these carers from abroad should really have to take proper English lessons.They don't & are not informed at all on new clients.Sorry rant over regards Amandah
Amanda, the carers for your husband ought to be appropriately trained , no matter who's paying and that includes ability to speak and understand English.
Very Sadly,these carers are not properly trained,they are care Assistant s.There are a lot of other care agencies in our town,but we would probably no better off.They seem to be completely rushed off their feet.& spend time writing the same old rubbish in the care book.Social services are under funded.Sad world
Stephen, I fear you may have an unwinnable battle on your hands. My mother who was old, poorly but had her memory in tact, told me the "carers" had allowed her to slip off her bed to the floor during transfer to commode and also hit her head on bedhead when moving her up in bed with a slide sheet. Of course I complained in writing to the LA but it was refuted by the carer agency. I didn't actually witness that visit. Fortunately, we only had those carers about a week before mum went back in hospital. (That was our experience of reablement, bty!).

Do you think your mum ever went on the commode? Did you hear/see the commode being wheeled in? I know there's been times Ive needed to go more than once in a short period of time!

I fear with your mum's diagnosis it would be too easy for carers to falsify records and it be hard to disprove. I can't know what went on. I'd suggest putting in a relatively inexpensive camera that you could use to see what was going on, both real time and afterwards. Just being in plain site, it could be a useful deterrent.

Im afraid, if it came to who said what happened, it would be too easy for people to not believe your mother, or even you, without proof - as once happened to me.

Is your mum content being at home with you? I expect she is!
Amanda, Sad situation indeed. Bty, my father was sent down to Milford and enjoyed growing up there. Taken back to S London when he was old enough to earn a few bob!
Thanks for the reply Rosemary,

I wrote in the carers book that Mum had asked to go back to the toilet and had been ignored. The morning carers were shocked and appalled that this had happened and today the night time carers were very clear that Mum had spent a "big penny" on the commode.

Mums carers know I'm watching them all the time, I don't need a camera as I'm in the room next door and if I hear shouting I go in. In general the carers are still brilliant, except one. But I do appreciate that if this deteriorates, I'll buy a camera.

Mum and I have a lovely relationship, she bosses me around and I do it. I tease her to keep her on her toes and sometimes we argue, mainly when I can't understand what Mum wants.. But Yes Mum is happy to be home. Something I thought I'd never see:-)