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continueing care how is it assessed - Carers UK Forum

continueing care how is it assessed

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my grandmother has dementia and has rapidley been deteriating for the last few months hallucinations and delussions have worsened she is now incontanent and is having trouble walking when she does is very unsteady, the drugs she is on for dementia are not controling the hallucinations at all and she is on double the maxium does her specialist recommended still to no affect,
she also has diabetes non insulin controled at the moment
social worker is due to assess her any time soon so wot do they look at and wot if i dont agree
The social worker should look at every aspect of your grandmother's personal care and her ability to make decisions for herself, as well as her physical and mental health: for example, if anything external or environmental can trigger her responses or hallucinations. Basically, they should look at all aspects of your gran's life as it is at the moment.

As for challenging decisions, you can tell them that you do not agree with a decision, and ask them to think again (best if you have alternative suggestions available), or simply make a complaint. Try the link below for more information:

http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Hel ... complaints

The other thing I would do is ask the social worker for an independent advocate to represent you or your gran (whichever you feel is most appropriate given your gran's difficulties).
the specialist she is under has said they they would not recommend realising her back into her home she has been in a eldery mental assessment centre for almost five months now

many thanks for the info
Frankly Gizmo it's fairy usual that, if things deteriorate as quickly as they have with your gran, that residential care will be seen as the only viable option. But what do you think?

I suggest you contact the CarersLine here - details are on the sticky on the General Discussions board: although they're only open for a few hours a week you can leave a message and they will get back to you.
will give them a call
well my grandmother was fine nothing noticably wrong then two days later she had hallucinations dellusions and went wondering for hours in local park we got call from police been down hill ever since and since two days after that she still in a assessment centre getting worse