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got bad news

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I think I have mentioned that my fil is in hospital with a broken elbow after a fall at home? Got home yesterday after a day Xmas shopping with mother for my husband to tell me that he got a phone call from the hospital to say that my fil had fallen out of his chair and has broken his hip. (He was left alone in the chair and it was another patient who had to ring for the staff to come and help him.) He was transferred from St Andrews Hospital to Ninewells in Dundee. When hubby phoned Ninewells last night to get an update on his condition they refused and said they could not give this info over the phone - even when hubby explained we are over 100 miles away and couldn't get there to get the info in person!

We had to email fil's social worker to get her to contact St Andrews so that they could contact Ninewells to tell them to speak to us!!! Hubby will phone today to see how his dad is.

Oh eun, how awful. Image
Hope you get some answers soon.
Eun, I'm so sorry. I hope your father-in-law is ok, and that you sort out the problem with phoning.

I really do sympathise, as when Mum was in hospital recently they let her fall over at least four times, though luckily didn't she break anything.

Thinking of you.
I hope your FIL is as comfortable as possible and you get some news soon xx
Any news Eun

Not yet Rosemary we've not to phone until 3. They are going to give him a scan and then decide what to do after that.

Daddy's social worker telephoned us to let us know that his hip is not broken and they are transferring him back to St Andrews tomorrow. He is talking about signing himself out of the hospital even though he cannot do a thing for himself!!

What a relief that it's not broken. This business of not talking to people who are relatives of elderly patients has driven me mad. When mum was admitted as an emergency two years ago no one rang me to tell me. The Lifeline said it wasn't their job, the ambulance service didn't, not their job. To find out where mum was we had to dial 999! Then I rang the hospital and the stupid nurse wouldn't talk to me because she didn't know who I was, and then told me that she was going to terminate the call as it was "Compromising patient care"!!! If someone had rung us to tell us about the admission, we wouldn't have had to call. Grrrr. This year, mum was admitted again, same hospital, while I was on holiday. Eldest son again had to dial 999 to find out where mum was, again no one would talk to him. I spent a steam train journey trying to find out what on earth was going on. Elderly folk need the support of relatives when in hospital.
Unfortunately we received a telephone call from the orthopaedic surgeon at Ninewells in Dundee this morning to tell us that fil's hip is in fact broken and that they are going to operate on it tomorrow. There is no way he will be able to discharge himself now - will let you know how the surgery goes.

So sorry to hear that Eun. It's so difficult when loved ones are ill and you can't go to see them.