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Confidentiality at GP

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Is it possible for me to get authority to deal with the doctor's regarding practical matters on behalf of my husband? I am finding the doctor's receptionist is acting awkward even for me to make an appointment on his behalf. Could my husband give written authority for me to be able to ring up for test results and order repeat prescriptions and suchlike on his behalf? Just to make life easier.

I am the efficient one, he leaves all paperwork etc to me in our house. I just wondered if it is possible to make our lives easier therefore with medical matters.
Yes, the surgery should be able to accept your husband's wishes. It will probably need to be in writing, signed by your husband stating that he wants you to be allowed to act on his behalf on all medical matters including results, appointments, prescriptions etc. If this doesn't work then contact the practice manager.

I am fortunate with our surgery as they are quite happy for me to make appointments, discuss prescriptions etc. I have never had to ring up for blood results so i don't know how far it would stretch.
I care for my Hubby and and sort out just about everything, from finances to appointments.

I filled in a Carers form from our GP surgery, Hubs had to sign it agree to them dealing with me when needs be.
These forms are available at the surgery itself, or from my local Carers Centre, it also lets the GP surgery know that you are a Carer.

I have been able to speak to his GP on the phone on hubs behalf, sort out medication, ask for test results, sort out insurance stuff and enquire about hospital letters etc, no problems at all.
Hope this helps x
Oh gosh thanks very much to each of you. I am glad for the information.
Even though I care for my hubby and sent a form in to say I am caring for him they like to speak to him about results but I can make him an appointment
thanks so very much to everyone who has replied, it has helped more than I can say.
All done, we signed a form together at the GP yesterday which gives me total authority to access all my husband's healthcare. I can deal on his behalf as much as required. My husband was in agreement with me that it is best to be prepared in case he becomes even worse and the last thing we need is for me to have problems in getting him all that he needs.