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Confessions of squeamishness - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Confessions of squeamishness

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It's so sad when illness and disabilities turn our lives upside down.
Tbh not sure if I will hang around the forum, but don't get me wrong I think it has so much to offer. Confused.com
Sugar, that wasn't a helpful reply at all:(( sorry.
Tbh not sure if I will hang around the forum, but don't get me wrong I think it has so much to offer.
Im sorry you are not finding the forum helpful. I wondered what you were expecting/hoping for and how we have not fulfilled this?
Dont answer if you would rather not though.
It is interesting to know that even some who are qualified nurses have trouble with this. But I already knew.

One of my bitter memories from last year, when I was in critical care in a Spanish hospital, unable to speak (on a ventilator), and unable to control my bowels (recovering from emergency surgery for peritonitis, and being tube-fed on some kind of pap): there were two or three intensive-care nurses around my bed, cleaning me up after I had messed myself, and I saw one of the poor young women gag, and then bravely try to hide her revulsion. I wanted so much to apologise to her, and tell her that it was as hard for me as it was for her...

Even thinking about it now distresses me more than I can say and brings tears of shame and sympathy to my eyes.

I so understand how you must of felt. I am sure she was used to this though, sometimes gagging is just a natural reaction to certain sights or smells. You should not feel ashamed by it at all, you were ill!
You should not feel ashamed by it at all, you were ill!
I know. But what one knows, intellectually, does not always correspond with what one feels, emotionally. I know that I should not feel guilty or ashamed, but all the same, I do.

I personally cannot relate to what you're talking about, as I've never had a problem with pee, pooh or sick. but maybe I will when I'm older.
My problem is letting my mum know that I couldn't give a toss about bodily functions; they are what they are. She was sick the other day, and couldn't stop apologizing. I told her to stop worrying, it's just a bit of food mixed with digestive juices after all, what's so awful about that. And nothing that a bit of soap and water wouldn't sort out.
She didn't look very convinced.
Now I've read you're thread, I understand a bit better.

I don't know what you're going about either, but you really helped me out. Please accept my many thanks before you decide to go away. xxx
I just can't imagine your relaxed, matter-of-fact attitude to these matters, Sahehar, but I envy you!

I have every sympathy with you because my situation is my wife is soon to come out of hospital & the major stumbling block when I"ve been to various meetings is the fact because of brain damage my wife will be incontinent & the one thing I can & will not do is clean up after a dirty nappy!
I confess I did it on occasions when the children were young (under duress), but when presented with grandchildren & asked could I look after them when very young, my answer was no because of nappies.
also my wifes friends are also saying this fact could prove to be a problem for them when coming to visit & allow me some free time.
even if I get her to the bathroom, run a small bath so she can wash herself, I have got cope with disposing of said nappy, even the thought typing it has made me cringe. that is why I am saying to those who ask that I need a life line, get out of jail free card if I"m unable to cope with this aspect of caring.

I haven't seen you on the Forum before so if you are new, welcome Image .

Please don't pre-judge what you are or are not capable of. I have always been a bit squeamish myself but I just remember that what is bad for me is far worse for mum. I get through it because there is no choice. I do find a sniff of something strong (Vicks) before and after helps and the rest of the time I just try to do a Nurse Nancy and keep it practical. I try to heave when mum is not watching! After all, we all have bodily functions and no-one would wish our nearest and dearest to do it, it is just one of those things (Amrak - reference for Sajehar).

Good luck, Anne x
Anne, I agree that we all try to do what we must. But it is clear that this is genuinely a greater challenge for some of us than it is for others — one of the reasons that we should always be cautious about judging other people.