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Carers Allowance

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Well, its official - I'm entitled to a Carers Allowance! And the catch is the usual one - I'm 66 and have a small State Pension (not even a full one) which is £5 more than the Allowance. So I'm officially recognised as having 'an underlying entitlement' but like so many, get zilch (and it took 5 pages for them to tell me).
What puzzles me is that if I had never worked or paid any Pension contributions I would still get the same amount of State Pension that I get now. Thank you kind, generous Government (I don't think).
From the time I left school at 16 I had always worked - the longest time off was 2 and half years when I had 3 children in quick succession. At 54 I had an accident which damaged my back/neck and required surgery rebuilding my shoulder leaving me unable to lift or hold anything properly until a few years ago, and was put on Incapacity Benefit (£70) weekly. At 60 they took my Benefit away and paid my State Pension which at that time amounted to the grand total of £32.
Great gnashing of teeth when I read today that MPs claimed £87.6 million in expenses last year (on top of their inflated salaries).
And can anyone tell me why my husband who is 65 and works 4 days a week (well, someone has to pay the mortgage!) is taxed as a single person when he is supporting me and his mum. DP keep writing to me saying I should apply for Pension Credit. When I ring them up and they start taking my details, they then ask about my husband's salary etc. When I say I'm not claiming for him only myself I'm told his income has to be taken into consideration. I've started telling them where to put their pension credit Image
I dont know anything, but something doesnt sound right here, they cant have it both ways, taxing your husband as a single person and then taking his income into consideration for you.
Contact the Citizens Advice Bureau. Image
Unfortunately Jojo, this is the government we're talking about.

There is no married tax allowance any more as far as I know - my tax allowance is exactly the same as everyone else I work with. And yes, they will take all income into account for Pension Credit - and as Gem's husband is at work, that's it.

But your advice to go to a Citizens Advice Bureau still holds good - there may be other help available. Also it's worth trying a carers centre or a welfare rights office - or the Care Line run by CUK.