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Tragic News re Leics Mum & disabled daughter - Carers UK Forum

Tragic News re Leics Mum & disabled daughter

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Wasn't this a terribly sad headline today? I felt physically sick. This poor Mum and her disabled teenage daughter found dead in their burnt out car in Leics.

The news channels are saying that it appears she murdered her daughter and killed herself because of the dreadful abuse and torment they were getting from local kids.

That's all I can say really.
And she had put in complaints to the authorities and NOBODY did anything.
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I was very upset and very very angry when I saw this on the news today and who remembers not long ago the mum with the autistic child who killed them both because she felt lost and hopeless.

It is so hard for us and it shouldn't be. I have had eighteen years of stupid ignorant people. My prim and proper Mum once called an old woman " an ignorant old bag " on the bus one day when My Daughter was acting up, I tend to ignore it until I snap, I am ashamed to say I told a couple of giggiling ten year olds on the bus last year I was going to "Kick their effing arses"

There should be more help, and not just when we ask for it either, when you are caring for a disabled person there should be someone caring for you too. It is about time we had serious Government acknowledgement.

As for the police force concerned in this tragedy, they should hang their heads in shame, they are a disgrace and as for the little scumbags who as good as murdered Fiona Pilkington and Francesca, I wish them sleepless nights for the rest of their trivial lives.
It gets even worse: how about this appalling story?
It's been quite a shock in Leicestershire, but we don't yet know the actual facts - only that there were complaints about antisocial behaviour: we don't yet know what was done (if anything) or whether something else was going on.

The only other thing we truly know is that getting anyone to take a carer and their learning disabled offspring seriously is too often an impossible task. And so cases like this are becoming more regular. And nobody seems to learn anything from it.
And what about that oh so nice young man who attacked and blinded a pensioner, who was holding onto a pole as no one would give up a seat for him Image Image
And someone beat up a 93 year old and no custodial sentence and a 14 year old boy shoots a girl in the eye and the judge said he wasnt old enough to understand what he had done.
Soldiers coming home from war zone's having to live in squalor people dying in hospitals of C-diff & MRSA.
How things are getting better in this wonderful 21st century.