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Concerned about Mentally ill instutions. - Carers UK Forum

Concerned about Mentally ill instutions.

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I am very concerned about the closure of so many Mentally ill instutions, I live in Tring and so many are closing down, e.g: The Tindale Centre in Aylesbury, Albany Lodge in St. Albans and one in Amersham, I am very worried like so many other people where my wife will go if she has a serious relapse, I don't think that the governmnent has put in enough emphasis on the mentally ill, but the centres that are still open will be at bursting point and people will be turned away, has the govenment thought about the carers and relatives that look after their loved ones and cared for people, it must be a huge worry for them, I think that a lot more money should be put in for the mentally ill, to give them a chance, instaed of wasting good money on things that are not such a priority.
Even when the govenment changed the policies of having to go hospital or centre in their own county, a lot of my wife's friends were in tears, anger, upset, loneliness, even suicidle, they haven't made things better, but worse, people lost their friends, comfort, but the thing that they lost most was "hope"

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Mark I understand exactly where you are coming from, if my wife has a relapse she would have to bee shipped off to another county as we have 1 ward left in the south lakeland district, I have always stated that mental health is the lowest priority off all, but no one listens unless you have to deal with the system people have no idea what it is like to deal with. As I have stated we have 1 ward left for mental health patients but the morecambe bay mental health team have just won an award, for being the best, after being a carer for 12 years all I have seen is it detoirate. take care Mark
Mental health services are the 'Cinderella services' of the country.
How upsetting for the patients to go through this, and for you.
It is a disgrace.
The system for mental health has really broken down, I wonder what it would be like if the MP for mental health son or daughter had a disability how things would really change, like everybody says, unless you have been through it, it is very hard to understand.
The problem is it is swept under the carpet by everyone, including other carers, because it can not been seen like all other disabilities, so it does not really exist, and this is not make beleive, government legislation DLA mental health patients can only be allowed the low rate mobility, Blue badge as I have in writing there is not in the foreseeable future any legislation to award blue badges for mental health illness sufferers.
The trouble is that successive governments have ignored mental ill health for years as something not to be talked about. The only time they do is when some poor soul is killed by one of the very few dangerously mentally ill people on our streets. Often they are on the streets because of the way "Community Care" is used to excuse poor quality services.

Mental health services and learning disability services are often lumped together although they don't fit together properly and the general public can't understand the difference either. The only common denominator between the two is that they are the two worst-funded parts of health and social care services.