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Complaint to Council.

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Hello everyone,

Hope you're all well.

Can anyone tell me what to do as The Council has not replied to my formal complaint about one of my caree's social workers within the 5 day time frame of their complaints procedure. I telephoned today and told them their 5 days had passed yesterday and the girl I spoke to asked for my telephone number and said it had been passed over to Mrs so and so and she's chase it up.

Do I have to complain about my complaint? No wonder we get exasperated!

Has anyone been in this position?

Thanks :) x
Yes, lots of times!! Were you ringing the local office or SSD's Head Office at County Hall or similar?
Hi Bowlingbun,

I'm in Scotland so telephoned the local council, where I made the complaint. I made the complaint on the 4th September (after your great advice:)) got a letter next day to say the complaint was at stage 1 of the CHP and I would have a response in 5 days that so and so would keep me updated but alas so and so hasn't kept me updated! 6 working days gone by. I don't know who to complain to about my complaint! Thanks x
I don't know anything at all about the Scottish system.
In Hampshire where I live, Social Services are administered by the County Council. There is a "local" office (actually it's 25 miles away, used to be just 2 but several reorganisations later it's 40 minutes on a good day!) However, the administrative Head Office for the whole County is in Winchester. So if a complaint to the local office doesn't do any good, I then complain to the County Complaints Office.
If that doesn't work I then complain to the Director of Social Services, and have also been known to complain to the Leader of the entire council.
Fortunately, he used to live 5 minutes away and supported my action group some years ago, which ran a successful campaign against a waste recycling centre. At the start he didn't think we had a hope of winning, but we did, so he already knew how intrepid I could be.
When I was 23 my husband and I shipped some steam engines from Australia to the UK, making a significant profit, so at 24 we could buy this house in the New Forest with half an acre, mortgage free, even if the roof leaked and it didn't have an inside loo, never mind a bathroom! After these projects, I've always had a "Can Do" mentality. It's all too easy to get down hearted and think you won't win, but you can win if you stick with it.
Hi 'cse' (just had double decker[*] mmm)

One for me to wade into I think hailing from north of border.

There will be escalation mechanisms, but I made little traction with these. I got my MSP to write to local health and social care partnership but just got the brush off..apparently all issues either me or my caree's fault. :roll:

It was only when went to health board public meeting and moaned directly to chief exec and chairman who referred it to responsible director made any headway.

There is a 'nuclear option' which I decided not to take as I didn't feel, on balance, was appropriate. (Although did mention had given serious consideration to it at meeting with director which.. erm...'concentrated minds')That is to report the sw to SSSC. This is professional registration body here and looks into fitness to practise.

More than happy to discuss further 121 if wanted.

*Other choccy products r available!
Hi, I live inScotland as well. When we had a major problem with my husband last year, we were getting no where with his social worker and hospital consultants. My daughter found out the name. of the head of social work in our area and bombarded him with emails. It worked, as they got so fed up with us continually messaging them. Phone calls are no good. It has to be eitherr a registered letter or email. Telephone messages can be lost or never passed on. As said in a previous reply, you can also get on to your local mp. Our's was a tremendous help.
Keep on at them, don't give up.