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its just a forum! -Carers UK Forum

its just a forum!

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
not my words id like to say

but a few weeks ago i had a cafcass thing (child court worker for amy) and she asked where i got support from, i said my friends and i find carers UK a great help, specially in the evenings as i dont wish to go out and its nice to natter (and i waffled on how nice it is to come one here)
This all went int he court report
looks like i have no friends just sit on the laptop! and to be told by my ex "its just a forum she goes on and has done for years"
i bit my tounge- if he had been more supportive and alot nicer then i wouldnt have needed CUK in the first place for support and a general chin wag
BUT im greatfull he wasnt supportive and wasnt that nice coz alot of the folk on here r just ace!
never question why something works for you,just accept it does and run with it,i find driving the taxi gives me a break and sets me up for the week ahead,on paper work isn't a break but for me it is,i also enjoy the forum it allows me to find out information,have a rant and help others.you can only discuss your problems with friends so far because they don't understand and the only way they could is to be in the same position and i wouldn't wish my situation on anybody
if something makes u happy and its not hurting any one else- wots the problem? NONE

it doesnt get int he way of caring which is why i am not on often as amy is having more physio and i need a good sleep before i lift her during the night. and then do more in the morning and ush her sitting on a buggy board to get to school (so thats 4 and a half stone, plus the pushchair), although others push a lot more its rather akward , but we get a good natter. so i need sleep and rest but ont he odd occassion that i pop on i love it and i think-I might get a nap in if the baby lets me so i feel better in the evening. It never works like that!
Its not just a forum its a sanity saver Image
Its our wee gang. Image
This isn`t just anything,it`s different things to different people.For me it`s a few minutes escape,every now and then,during what can be a chaotic day.It`s also somewhere to seek advice,somewhere to turn for solace,and somewhere to relax with the `fun and games`.If it works for you it`s not just anything,it`s what you need,and long may it last. Image Image Image Image
Sometimes it feels more like the Spanish inquistion.... guilty as charged my Lord ...
No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!


This forum is the best thing i have ever found and i enjoy a chin wag. XXX your ex lets have fun where we can, as we can't all go out and have fun, we stay in and have fun instead.
Sometimes it feels more like the Spanish inquistion.... guilty as charged my Lord ...
I just come on here these days to flirt with Pix, do battle with Mother Theresa and wind George up, but my excuse is that Pix merits it, Sister Sledge needs it, and George asks for it, in spades Image Image

Can you imagine the four of us around a Christmas Dinner table ... now that would be fun - we could hide a live grenade in the Christmas pudding !

Charles? Well he can come and vacuum up the carnage the morning after the night before, he is such a kindly mopper-upper!