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Communication in the bedroom - Carers UK Forum

Communication in the bedroom

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I have had a Tunstall emergency call system installed for
my wife in case something happened to me.

She has the little sensor carried on her at all times.. When pressed the call
centre can speak to her in the living room where it is installed and she can
speak to them.

My problem is that if she is in bed and presses the alarm she cannot be heard
by the call centre from the downstairs unit and also she would not hear the
call centre's response.

Does anyone know of a system whereby the disabled person can raise an alarm
and talk to the call centre from anywhere in the house?
Hi Albert
Have you spoken to your local Social Services to see what the recommend?
Dad has one supplied by LA and although he can't hear them talking through the unit , if they don't get a response or can hear that he is ok them come out to check anyway once the button is pressed with no satisfactory close down or reply.
Why not speak to your supplier and see if they do the same. They maybe able to hear your wife even if she can't hear them.
I will contact Tunstall to see what they offer.

As my wife gets confused she could press the alarm without any cause.
I wouldn't wish the LA to be dragged out in the
middle of the night for nothing.........waking me up! :lol:

So if call centre could speak directly to her when in bed if ever alone, it
would save wasted journeys by LA....so reducing the rates! :lol:
Hi Albert
My Mum's alarm was installed in the bedroom and she wore a neck pendant around the house as she was more likely to need help at night. On the odd occasion she pressed the alarm and they couldn't hear or understand what she was saying, they would ring my home number followed by my mobile number. They also had other family numbers to try if they failed to reach me.
Have you got a mobile? (I assume the alarm is connected to your main phone line). If so perhaps you could keep the mobile near you at night so that is she presses by mistake they could contact you on that before sending out the troops?
That is my problem, family members.
I ain't got nun :D
No close friends either, so it's only the LA who can respond.

Your mobile idea is a good one though. Thanks.