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something i want to do

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ok u may think im being silly but i want to learn to knit

mum said i need ot get some thick needles and a ballof double knit and she will try to teach me.

its something i need to learn just for meself really and any advise (dumbed down) would be great, as ive looked on the internet and confuddled meslef
Knitting is great, very relaxing and creative. I used to knit, I would even sit and knit in pubs and while watching television, that was when we had one. You can make really individual sweaters, etc. when you are reasonably good at it. I once knitted my father a Fair Isle slipover, he wore it all the time, my mother used to have to grab it when he took it off at night so that she could wash it and he carried on wearing in when it was so old it was unravelling Image , there is something special about a gift which someone has made for you. You will find it easy when you get started, the hardest part is making sure that the tension is right so that the stitches are even and what you make does not come up too big or small but you will soon find a method which suits you.
my mum used to make us great jumpers, cardies and mittens, i want to do the same for amy, now her arm is bad she cant do so much and id love to knit her osmething one day just to say thanks, even if its just a scarf!
I had to throw away a jumper earlier this year, that my mother had knitted me in 1978!After it had got too tatty to wear out, I used it in the winter to snuggle in at night.

I enjoy knitting now and again. When the children were small, I used to do lots for them. If you have a wool shop round, Pixie, ask in there, if they will show you how to knit.

My mother used to visit people in hospital, and take her knitting with her, to do while she was talking!

Good luck.
A scarf is a good item to start with, you can use simple stitches, even all plain, and make it interesting by using an interesting wool or knitting stripes although stripes work best on a circular needle and you get a really warm double-layer scarf. Gloves are quite complicated and mittens only slightly less so because you have to count rows and increase and decrease and then split the row for the thumb and fingers.
my mittens fella part last year and i cant expect my mum to do me any more, i love mittens

im going to go to oxfam as they have kneedles in there quite often, I will do it, if i can learn to knit then i can do anything
I'm very good at knitting holes Image Image
i cant cast on and then after my mum does it i make things with big holes in,, almost like an apron

I need to do this as my mum was never that close to me as a child and i wouldlike to dosomething to help build a bridge that was never there, she sent me a nice message saying- just get some thick needles pinky and nice wool, i will show u.

i think this could help me and her have a mother daughter relationship rather than friends, which i am greatful for that but i'd like a mum
Pixie - you'll love it! I knit and crochet and there are some really great websites devoted to people who knit!

You could look at this one for learning the basics


while you're waiting to get together with your Mum. Image

You may need to ask at the charity shop for needles because most hide them away now (for Health & Safety reasons Image ) and they often have yarn too. But any good wool shop will do a budget range in good colours for just over a quid for 100 gms. These are ideal for getting you started.

If you ask at your local yarn shop, I betcha there are knitting groups near you. It's really popular with young Mums now and groups are starting up everywhere and they always welcome beginners.
penny i have that savd in my favorites to try out when i get me kneedles,
i can finger knit and do french knitting, but they are not very useful (well it was when i used to do it with me sister and we used to make pretned spider webs in the cella!)