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Cold Wet Bank Hols. - Carers UK Forum

Cold Wet Bank Hols.

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Yes,Bank Holiday,its raining,What else would it do on a Bank hol?.No wonder folks get the blues on such a day.
We went to the arcades at the seaside as its only 30 mins away..got us out the house , and good for us as no crouds. Freezing cold and got very wet as went down to the sea front..( just to take a pic).
Well,that`s Britain,though we had a good day.Went for drive and ended up at garden centre.Had a snack and browsed at plants,watched a falconry display,and back in time for tea and the News.Parents nicely tired and i`m happy to have got them doing something.Sunny weather would have been nice,but then it would have been crowded.Every cloud..... Image Image Image
Done nothing. Image
yep bank hols.ugggg. Image
yes another bank holiday where the tv is messed up,it's just another day apart from the fact you tune in for a programme and find they've put a film on instead,no news to watch and the one show not on till tomorrow,i know i sound sad but the point is ,it doesn't matter to me whether it's bank holiday or not,i still do the same things as a normal day,all it does is remind me of the good old days when i worked fulltime and life was normal,any way i'm sure the people who work fulltime would enjoy 60 minute makeover and dickinsons real deal on there day off,so leave the tv schedule alone.
I had to work 10.30 to 6.30 took the dog before i went, had breakfast, when i got home made dinner eat dinner just taken dog again, so not really a holiday, for me.and got quite wet i must say twice.
thing-is,confuses me all week long.
Had a really productive day yesterday. Over the last few weeks I've been scanning some old photos and yesterday put together a DVD for Mum of family photos from the 50s and 60s, with appropriate music where possible...
Charles, I'm impressed!
Well done, that will be lovely for her Image