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Downs syndrome petition - govt response - Carers UK Forum

Downs syndrome petition - govt response

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It is an extraordinarily stupid and ignorant response from the government. No connection with other parts of the UK apart from England, unreal in creating expectations of e.g. counselling that are simply not being delivered, clear undercurrents of supporting early detection and abortion (Eugenics again) - overall, fatuous and even sinister.

Just one example of many:
There is a link to this website and others on the NHS Choices website at www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Downs-syndrome, which outlines the syndrome and its treatment
Silly really. There is no such thing as a "treatment" for Downs Syndrome, oh dear.... and this is palpably wrong]Down's syndrome occurs when a baby inherits an extra chromosome. [/quote]
because Downs Sydrome isnt inherited, it is a randomly occuring mutation.
A bland response showing no understanding, and following the usual "we've declared it so it must be happening" routine.
Have never read such rubbish.
the lack of support etc is obvious to all parent carers of a person with down's syndrome.They havnt adressed the problems the adult with DS and their carers have at all.
Their answer seems to mirror the rubbish answer they gave me on my petition re down's and dementia....NO positive answer at all.]
Just for info.We are now in an even worse position than when I did my petition and have put in an official complaint. Expecting a visit from the them next week. Am not expecting anything positive to come from it!!!
They are letting us down badly!!! Words from them do not provide hands on help and support !!!

Just realised ..It is April the first and it is their contribution to us and anyone reading it being april fooled by the government!!!!