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Cold Weather Payments - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Cold Weather Payments

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I've just been throwing away some paperwork relating to my son's benefits in 2010, he is in receipt of DLA and IS and was given a cold weather payment.
Yep cold in Shropshire as well and I must be an unusual bloke as I get funny looks doing the
shopping in T-shirt and trousers in this weather !!!? Image
No triggers here and Bowlingbun I know where you are coming from lol I am the only woman shopping in Tesco in a vest top in this weather lol
I was wearing a T shirt and shorts last week, and so was my caree. Being in the Canaries has that effect on most people. Image Image Image Image Image
No Triggers here either its not been too bad in this area we have been lucky so far.
That is a useful link - thanks!
No payments due for Dad/our area, though.... I have caught 3-4 days/nights of freezing temps... maybe next week?
No cold weather payment in my area Image though heating on and the pair of us are sitting with fleeces wrapped round us - bring on the menopause!
I once worked in an office with 2 menopausal women, one had hot flushes, the other cold flushes, so depending on whose symptoms were uppermost, we alternately boiled or froze Image Image
You really don't want the menopause, just Damart thermal undies instead!
Its just another complication, another variable, in what is already a stifling straight-jacket of financial support, with rules that appear to benefit the paid staff rather than the recipients. How many hoops are we supposed to jump through for our pittance, before we break free?
Cold flushes! Cold Flushes? never heard of them, that and thermal undies - gee what's a girl gotta look forward to Image ........
........ just checked link again, 1 cold weather payment yippee! Better than a slap in the face with a wet fish eh Image