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Cold Weather Payments - Carers UK Forum

Cold Weather Payments

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I just checked ours and we have 1 trigger so a cold weather payment in due in the next 14 days.. so it might be worth checking yours and see if one is due

http://pensions-service.direct.gov.uk/e ... t/home.asp

"The Met Office have notified the Department for Work and Pensions that 1 period of very cold weather has occurred in the LU6 postcode area between 1 November 2011 and 31 January 2012, triggering a Cold Weather Payment.

If you have qualified for Cold Weather Payments since 1 November and live in this postcode area, you are due to receive 1 Cold Weather Payment.

Please bear in mind that you should not expect payments immediately. You should receive a payment to your account within 14 working days."
Nope... no trigger here... yet Image

I guess it's just felt colder than it actually is Image
thanks Brogus, just checked and 1 trigger Image
as we've had temps falling between -1 and -4 every night this week, I'm presuming the cold weather payments relate to daytime temps only. Image
Nothing here.

I've just checked the Directgov website. A cold weather payment is payable when the temperature averages below zero for 7 consecutive days. Even down here in the New Forest, on the South Coast, it's bitterly cold at the moment, so I reckon there will be lots of cold weather payments triggered before long. Meanwhile I'm a menopausal woman sleeping under a summer weight quilt in a bedroom (albeit very well insulated) without heating, not feeling cold!
Have changed this to a sticky for now so it doesn't slide down the board.
Nothing triggered here.
1 Trigger here, Thanks for the link x
No triggers here and Bowlingbun I know where you are coming from lol I am the only woman shopping in Tesco in a vest top in this weather lol
Hi, is it just the elderly who qualify for cold weather payments or might S be due one too? He only receives DLA and no other benefits at all at this time.