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cold callers

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Mum finds it difficult enough to answer the door so I have put up "NO COLD CALLERS" and "NO CHUGGERS" signs. It was Jehova's Witnesses who knocked yesterday. I really don't like the idea of putting up a "NO JEHOVA'S WITNESSES" sign - does anyone have an answer to that? Thanks. J
I find that just telling Jehovah's Witnesses, and other similar religious door-to-door proselytisers, that I am a Catholic, I am, does the trick, they decide that I am beyond redemption and never knock again Image .

I did once put up a sign on our front door stating that the door would not be opened to anyone who did not have a prior appointment, that worked.
I find them very intrusive, round here we get a lot from charity folk, I decide which charity I donate to i dont want people at my door!
We get Jehovah Witnesses too and I hate being rude, so I normally say I'm very busy with oh, take the Watchtower, say sorry and thank you, then shut the door.

And so many charities, all saying their funding is slashed and can we give the small sum of £10 monthly as they are not allowed to take cash donations door to door.
The last one wanted the 'small sum' of £3 per week!!! And always 'your neighbours have all been so kind, shown such interest etc.'.........until you talk to the neighbours Image

Have you noticed that the endless charity bags that come through the door too are all getting incredibly fussy about what they will take?
We get loads of charity bags but Sarahs school collect clothes and weight them ikn for school funds so mine go there but when I get a bag for Cystic Fibrosis I always put in and was very annoyed last time no one came back for it!
The bags left on doorsteps are often the subject of massive rip off scams
I agree with Parsifal, a note stating that the door won't be opened to anyone without an appointment is probably your best bet. Personally I don't think they should have called in the first place if your mum had a 'No cold callers' sign.
The bags left on doorsteps are often the subject of massive rip off scams
We get lots of these too, best way to check if it's a scam or not is to check and see if there is a registered charity number on front. The ones that we get tend to be registered companies but this of course is written in the tiniest print possible. Image

Re the cold calling/religious callers issue, I too would go with the "appointments only" idea.
don't worry about the jehovahs witness brigade i'm sure there used to being swore at,especially the ones that knock on my door
If you ask the witnesses not to call they will flag your address and not call. I was told this by a friend of my fathers who is a witness
We don't leave chrarity bags out any more because they are stolen. Yes people round here are that sad.
A sign on the door should work but I find cold callers don't want to hang around when my rather large and loud dog comes to the door with me (hes a big softy really)