Co-Funding in Direct Payments

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My daughter had D/P from last year. The S/W involved at that time spoke to D/P on my behalf. I was told my daughters co-funding would be taken out of her D/P before being paid into the account - which it is.
I have received a letter advising me that my daughter needs to be paying her co-funding into the D/P accounts?
To me this means she is paying it twice - or am I looking at it wrong.
If they take out the £25 etc before paying her then want her to pay the £25etc back into the account surly this isn't right? Of course I got the letter today and it's leaving me with all the weekend to puzzle it out in my mind.
Not happy cos I now can't sleep!!
I happen to live in the same County and recognised the "co-funding" line ie.charging.Some information from DCC ,which may be helpful.I suggest you ask the SW about your concerns.Regards.Look after yourself. ... efault.asp
Thanks Hinlde, this is all going back to when daughter moved to independance, s/w was taken away as they have now area's and my daughter wasn't in s/w area then - so we were left without one for awhile. We were literally 'stuck' waiting for s/w to be reasigned.
Major cock ups with things when new temp. s/w came on board - which cost us money back then - this one is now coming back to finish us off I reckon - not happy at all.
The D/P office have 'sat' on this for a year without contacting me - so not happy with them either.