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Closure of Daycare Facility

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My stepdads been going 2 days a week into Ullswater Daycare Centre at the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven, for the last 3 years, & he loves it its a break for him he has physio a meal & gets to chat with people he wouldnt normally see, they were told on thursday that the day care facility would be closing on the 28th of September, given no reason & theres no provision being made for those 50 or so elderly & disabled people who attended the centre.

They are closing the daycare facility on the sly, under the guise of restructuring, & replacing it with Copeland Rehabilitation Service, the nurses are being decanted to other areas & have been warned not to breath a word or their jobs will be on the line.

The day care Centre was open from 9am till 4pm, they cared for people all day breakfast if wanted when they arrived or just a cuppa, a hot meal at lunch time then a hot drink & snack around 2pm, any other hospital appointments & physio where delat with while they were there, a game of bingo or a chat etc, then from 3pm onwards they were transported home, having had to attend on a number of occasions with my stepdad I know how much most of the people using it enjoyed it, for many who live alone it was probably their only trip out to interact with others during the week.

This SUPPOSEDLY IMPROVED service under the guise of Copeland Rehabilitation Centre, is now reduced to flexible appointments, as in those needing physio are shipped in stay for an hour then shipped out again, they make out that the facility is still open when infact what was the day care room is now merely a waiting room for those waiting for appointments or waiting for transport home, this is how they have gotten round finding alternative daycare & transport for those affected, & I think it's disgusting.

Ive been onto Border TV news, CFM Radio, and all local MP's Ive even written & e-mailed the house of commons, when the news room etc phoned the health care trust up they said it was just a rumour which is untrue & that they were restructuring not closing, even the staff who would talk but because of the risk of loosing their jobs, couldnt be interviewed have said its all a lie & a sly way of closing the centre without drawing too much attention to it.

If they have nothing to hide why threaten their staff with the possibility of loosing their jobs if the speak out, I did manage to get hold of a letter stating that from the 28th of September Ullswater Daycare would no longer exist, which was given to me to prove what was going on it was a letter sent out to all staff on the unit, Ive sent copies of it to all the local news agencies, border Tv & MP's & MEPS, I maybe cant stop them closing the centre, but I can give them one hell of a headache trying to explain their way out of it or maybe I should rephrase that to lie their way out of it
I should rephrase that too all staff working there have been told not to speak to anyone, not nurses because there are many different people who work there not just nurses.
This is happening all over the country.

Day centres are being closed,some are reducing days open and even more have set massive daily charges which the elderly and their families just cannot afford.

Do you have local groups in the area for Carers,Age Concern,Cancer support???..If so can you somehow get them all on board with this.As much as you are doing to try raise this issue,the more support you have the better.
99% of the time the closures are cut and dried but like you said,you can give them a headache.
I have just googled this and see that they are doing it under a scheme " Closer to Home.Have I got the right story??


Good luck
This may be of interest if you have not already seen it.Cant access site to make URL smaller.

Cottage hospitals saved as debts waived
Published on 07/09/2007

By Pamela McGowan

Health reporter

CAMPAIGNERS have won their battle to save Cumbria’s nine cottage hospitals – and health chiefs are now hoping to secure £100 million to develop and improve services.

The Cumberland News can today reveal that community hospitals are to play a key role in the county’s new Closer to Home strategy.

The new focus has been made possible after the North West Strategic Health Authority agreed to wipe out Cumbria Primary Care Trust’s £28.4m historic debt, which has long been hampering progress in north Cumbria.

Already Cumbria Primary Care Trust (PCT) has earmarked savings of £20m to improve community services over the next five years.

It has also applied to the government for an additional £80m to pay for building improvements and training to upgrade staff skills.

Bosses say each community will decide how their facility is developed to meet local needs.

The nine hospitals – in Penrith, Brampton, Alston, Wigton, Keswick, Cockermouth, Maryport, Workington and Millom – have long faced the threat of closure or bed cuts.

The League of Friends groups joined to unite against the plans, and led public demonstrations.

This week, after more than two years of uncertainty, health bosses finally gave the long-awaited confirmation that the hospitals are safe.

As part of its new Closer to Home strategy, which will go out to public consultation later this month, the PCT says it is committed to utilising the hospitals to their full potential.

They are forming six locality commissioning teams for each district council area – made up of family doctors, health partners and League of Friends representatives,

They will control local budgets and decide on services and number of beds. For example, they may opt to develop specialist centres for monitoring long-term conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, or focus on providing care for the elderly.

Ross Forbes, the PCT’s director or corporate affairs, said they are also working with the county council to improve care in people’s homes.

He estimates that there will be between 130 to 170 community health beds across north and west Cumbria, plus others specifically for respite or elderly care.

He said: “In Cumbria travel times are so great. One of the ways to address the geography is to bring services out of the acute hospitals and closer to people. It’s also very cost-effective and much more efficient to have people treated in the right place at the right time.â€Â
Hi rosemary,
this is also in my area but this story is about the cottage hospitals, the one Im talking about is the west cumberland hospital in whitehaven, the letter I got hold of & passed on to local news teams has certainly blown their rumour line wide open its 1st line says from September 28th Ullswater day care centre will no longer exist Image so thats certainly put the cat among the pigeons Image
I knew was different but had no idea how wide a circulation that newspaper had and if you were aware of the article.
Just as well you kept that letter as it backs up everything for you.

I am over at the Lakes end of this month,get the kettle on Image

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where abouts in the lakes are you visiting Image
It was going to be outside Penrith,a little place called Newby.We stayed there last year for a few days.However,change of plans and it looks like Hawkshead.Robert loves the ferry that crosses Lake Windermere and since the break is all about what he wants,it looks like thats where we are going.
I have not booked anything,will do it a week before we go,so many bargains to be had.
my mum swears by teletext for late holidays,, might be worth a look
my mum swears by teletext for late holidays,, might be worth a look
Thanks Rin
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