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The owner of the park was on the news last night apparently they noticed some "cracks appearing" Image a few weeks ago, (it seems to me that would have been a good time to start moving the caravans back from the edge) geologists had come and made an inspection and left some equipment in place to monitor the situation, their equipment was now at the bottom of the cliff buried under tons of rock HaHa! The geologists were taken by surprise at how quickly events had escalated HoHo!
The owner said she wasn't concerning herself with the cost at the moment, but she was she sure that when she had the time to sit down and do some number crunching that she would have a littel weep, because of the loss of rents 18 at the last count, and cost of moving the vans back out of danger etc.
Cheryl, I was horrified when I heard that on the news. Surely health and safety should not have allowed people to be in the caravans nearest the cliff. Half term was the week before, there might have been families with young children there. It doesn't bear thinking about, does it?
I was really shocked that people were allowed to continue to stay in their caravans with the risk.
I know!!! Dozy devils.
Alan Cairns our Tory mp was on the tv too saying that "we don't have much experience of coastal erosion in the Vale of Glamorgan" ImageEH!!! there are warning notices on every beach that I've been to in the area Not to climb on the cliffs, Not to walk to close to the edge, Not to walk / sit beneath the cliffs because of rock falls. Definately don't need to be a geologist to figure out where those hugh heaps of fallen rocks at the foot of the cliffs have come from.