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What about a national Hospital of exellence for the elderly - Carers UK Forum

What about a national Hospital of exellence for the elderly

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An idea that i have thought about for some time. Children have the Great Ormond Street hospital, why not a centre of exellence hospital for the elderly, they surely deserve it . I t amazes me that in this day and age that we should have to have charities and groups to provide money for the extra things that the elderly need . This country should be ashamed how we treat our elderly, the government, be they labour, or conservative are being neglectful
of their duties, medicines being provided on a cost only basis, terrible? They can find the money for the damm olympics.

It's true there isn't enough research into the health care of elderly people. Presumably because then they'd live longer and the government would have to pay more pensions for longer.

Why do you think they want to raise the retirement age?
Dear charles47: I agree with what you say, but i still think that a hospital, just like the great ormond street hospital for children would be a wonderfull idea.The elderly are treated worse than cattle in cattle trucks, actually they have less rights .The filth etc on elderly wards is terrible, you can go into the same hospital and all other wards will be bright and cheerfull, whilst the acute elderly ward or the normal wards where they put the elderly are old, dark, dirty, and the majority of the staff do not care one jot about the patients, they treat them as if they are just a nuisance.

Sorry Tony, didn't make myself clear - still half asleep I reckon! Image

I did mean to say I agreed with your idea completely - but tried to explain why there seems to be no interest in doing it! Image So much for "fastest finger first"!!
Never mind the Olympics, the overspend on Wembley Stadium could have paid for several hospitals Image

Great idea Tony but I can't see it in my lifetime, as Mum says once you get over 65 the State doesn't give a damn about you!
Hello PaulaH: I do like to dream, i just do not understand why people would allow so much suffering in this day and age when really it is not that difficult to improve .We as a nation are being taxed more and more , yet we get less and less back, someday people will say enough is enough and take to the streets just like they did over the poll tax issue years ago.Since labour came to power ten years ago the gap between the rich and the poor has gotten wider, labour was supposed to be for the working classes and the poor , not anymore it isnt.
Just something for you all to think about, i read the other day that there have been no cases of MRSA infection in any field hospitals in Iraq, i wonder how that works when our hospitals arew full of it, i remember as a kid that hospitals used to smell of disinfectent, just a thought, sorry to go of topic?

It's not about money, Tony - not entirely. Most of it's about the way it's spent. Look at the Health Service - 4 reorganisations in 10 years instead of putting money directly into health care.

The rest is about attitude. Nobody seems to care about their work - no pride. No concept of "customer care," or even "how would I want my mum/dad/other relative to be treated?"

Most of the situations I work with involve the customer care side of things. Absolutely dreadful!
I totally agree there should be better care for the elderly this year I reach the age when I supposely retire but I have no chance of that as a carer.
A few years ago 2002 my wife was put in a ward for the elderly all though Pat was only in her 50's they had no other space for her after her amputation no space on a surgical ward.
So what happened was Pat caught MRSA. on this ward after her stump that was left of her below the knee operation was knock by a nurse taking her to the bath room these were not surgical nurse's they were just ward orderlies and had no idea about surgical case's.
I was told it was put in the accident book but later to my wife's cost it was not.
My wife had to have another operation 28 day's later to that leg to be amputated above the knee to save her life because of the MRSA and gangrene.
Would a Hospital for our elderly help Yes.
But let's have more than one make it regional. North South East West covering all the UK.