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Dear johnRj]My mother died of lung cancer, she had not smoked for over sixty years[/color], i am sure norman has done alot for many people , so have alot of other people, i just do not like small minded people , and i think that is a small minded thing to say about people who smoke. Would you refuse a dying person a smoke if that is what they requested?

I appreciate your feelings Tony, I am sorry of you are upset. Your unwitting testimony has told its own story. I hope other smokers reflect on this as you are doing.
best wishes normangardner
Hi everyone.

A few of you have been appealing for calm on this thread and I agree with you, so I am going to lock the thread. Several comments have become personal and I think it is best if we all take a collective deep breath.

Smoking will always be a debate that evokes strong feelings, but I feel in this thread several of you have crossed the line and comments have become personal. I know it's hard not to be personal when you disagree strongly with someone but we all have to try to keep things calm and reasoned. If personal comments continue forum threads can very quickly degenerate into slanging matches that help no-one.

I think it's also worth reflecting that this toic was started by a careworker not a carer and is related to workplace rights, very different to the reality for carers.

Please PM me, if you have any issues with this decision, I'm happy to discuss it. I've said it before, we are all finding our feet around the rules and what is acceptable and I know some might think my moderation is a bit heavy handed. So please let me know if have strong feelings about it.

Best wishes

Matt Hill
Communications and Campaigns Manager
Carers UK
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