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Tony - don't you dare go beating yourself up over anything. I bet your mum would be so proud of you, 'cos I am and I don't even know you Image You sound to me to be a good, kind and very caring person and I am pleased to have got to know you on here.
(Apart from that though, although not a smoker I am a member of the calory police and I am now going to castigate you on giving your mother the cream cakes every day. You are a disgrace Image Image Image Image Image ) Carry on Tony - you are a treasure.
Sorry to start up a row again, but surely a residential home is just that ........ a home, not a public place. And if you cannot smoke in your own home, if you so wish, where can you. Are we really going to make these heroes and heroines sit outside in the rain? All you need is a room with an outside wall and an extractor fan, oh, and someone with a little heart and charity to make it so.
Whatever happened to "an Englishman's home is his castle"?
Sorry, Myrtle, but let's be clear. A residential home is alsoa public place in that it has communal areas. What goes on in your own room is another thing and I agree that if someone wants to smoke in their own room they should be allowed to. The subject of helping - or not - is a matter of employment contracts and law and has no place on this forum as far as I'm concerned.

But let's not get too emotive about this subject - too many of us have more than enough stress and this forum is supposed to help, not make things worse.

Hi folks, enjoy your fags etc. You will pay the price later.
But don't blame me if you cannot find anyone prepared to put up with your addiction when you need care.
No skin off my nose, but I hope I will not be in the same old folks home as you.
Hope you come to your senses and quit smoking.
best wishes normangardner
Dear charles47: That is the way politicians talk, quoting rules, regulations,contracts,thats why i am sorry to say things will never change, too many people in offices writing up reasons why things cant be done rather than when we are going to do this or that, i am sorry but this is starting to get me down, in future i shall keep my mouth shut and just agree with everything?

MOrning all
JohnRJ--I know Norman has been on the board for a long time--but does that mean we have to agree with him?
Charles 47---We're not talking about the law here--just a bit of human kindness!!

Norman---Rather than share the old folks home with you-- I'd choose a cardboard box in a shop doorway.

Me--yes I'm a smoker-have been for more than 50 years. I don't force it on anyone else -I smoke in my computer room.
Do I want to give up---NO- cos it's the only pleasure I have.
DO I care if it's killing me--NO-cos it's one way out of this prison of beeing a 24/7 carer.

To me this thread is not about the rights and wrongs of smoking-but whether a care worker cares enough about the people they care for-to put aside the health and safety rules they hide behind as an excuse for doing as little as possible -and for once in their lives show a bit of human kindness.
Next -they'll be saying they can't clean up the results of incontinence--because they might catch something from it!!!!!!
All I am saying is -- people who take up employment as a care worker should be at least expected to show a little care for the people they are to care for...
Regards Ken
Dear KenM: Your analagy of the care worker and the incontinence actually happened to my mother, thats another reason why i took over all her care bye myself, i hope johngardner is never in the situation where he is incontinent and careworkers leave him to get on with it himself, he would not be so blase. Bye the way, you wont need a cardboard box i would put you up.

This is getting out of hand we are now saying thing's that we might regret later if we meet each other.
Norman I think you could have put a bit more thought into your reply.
Tony I don't wish to start a war of words with you or anybody else on this site.
I only said that if we got to know people better before we start criticizing them perhaps my words did not come across clear enough.
Please can agree that as carer's we have enough on our plate's with out falling out with each other.
[quote]Dear charles47]

Tony, if you knew anything about me you'd think again. I wrote in that post: "I agree that if someone wants to smoke in their own room they should be allowed to. The subject of helping - or not - is a matter of employment contracts and law and has no place on this forum as far as I'm concerned."

I thought I made it clear - the original message was the wrong one because it was inappropriate for this forum: it was NOT about a carer. It was about a care WORKER. This means that the subject came under employment law - regulations if you prefer - and is nothing to do with us as carers.

If someone wants to smoke, it's their choice.

But if we squabble about this subject and forget about the things that matter to this forum - for example, quality of support from agencies and authorities, funding, changing the law and generally giving each other some support - then what will change is that carers who need this forum will go out of their way to avoid us because we're squabbling.

Enough is enough.
Tony---it happened to my wife in a NHS hospital-that's why she came home after three weeks with terrible bed sores for the first time in her life-and they took seven months to heal'

John JR-- I never say anything on these boards that I wouldn't say (probably more forcefully) face to face.

Charles 47-- I think the care given by care workers has everything to do with us-how can we trust them with our carees when they don't even have the compassion to give a last cig??
Regards Ken
Dear KenM: Yes ken i agree,pressure sores are one of my big problem areas, they are just caused by staff being lazy. A tissue viability nurse who is a friend of mine told me that if someone is put on the right type of air mattress then really these things should not happen, when they do it is because staff cannot be bothered. I have some pictures i took of my mothers wounds years and years ago that i had to use to make a complaint to the PCT and the individual who i held responsible for her injurys, all they did was to reprimand the silly cow, no being sacked etc. No apology to my poor mother who was in severe pain, just complacency, if that treatment had been given to a child or even someones dog they would have been prosecuted?Anybody out there who needs some advice about pressure relieving equipment and i have a few books etc and brochures.

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