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Well it never did Winston Churchill any harm Image

Better check on Mum, night Image
Dear PaulaH: I wonder what old winston would have thought about all this nonsense?


Hi Tony.
You don't know Norman it's a pity that the archive from our old site as not been transferred to this site.
I like other's on this site joined over a year ago but we all had to rejoin this new site so when you see we have been members for only a week or two it's not true.
So before you criticize Norman please read all what he as done in helping people.
He himself is no longer a carer through no fault of his own he would love to still be caring for his wife but sadly that will never happen again so please keep your remarks to your self until you know the man.
We all have our opinion's and let us keep it that way Norman may have strong opinions on smoking and so do most people it's a pity we did not have this information on smoking years ago I know it would have saved a few of my wife's and my relatives.
Dear johnRj:No i do not know norman but i do think that the moral highground that some people take is a bit of a joke. Yes i know many people who have died of smoking related diseases,so what, i am not here to take away some peoples only pleasure in life, we are not all as good as norman obviously is. My mother died of lung cancer, she had not smoked for over sixty years, i am sure norman has done alot for many people , so have alot of other people, i just do not like small minded people , and i think that is a small minded thing to say about people who smoke. Would you refuse a dying person a smoke if that is what they requested?

Tony, Norman, Image a lot of people have one particular "blind spot" in their life. It's often been said that there is no one more zealous than the recently converted. I've come across a lot of former smokers who are now first in the queue to encourage others to give it up.

It doesn't make them small minded or narrow minded. But it is a "blind spot".

Most of us on this site have a blind spot about social workers, care workers (I refuse to call them carers - that's what I am and I don't get paid for it), politicians, etc.

Whilst I understand and agree that when someone is approaching the end of their life it is unreasonable to withold what they consider to be a pleasure - for as long as it is legal to do so. However, I am also aware that individual workers (as opposed to carers) have rights - and from 1st July as far as I know, this discussion may be academic as anyone in a residential home may be considered to be in a public place and therefore unable to light up inside the building - I don't know, and I can't be sure that this is the case, but if a hospital is covered by the law, I'd expect that residential homes are.

What peeves me most about this discussion is that it was started by a care worker who - whether a carer in their own right or not - was seeking employment advice. Which is why I suggested s/he try elsewhere. Unfortunately it has degenerated into a smoking war between people who - as I can see from earlier posts - actually have the interests of carers as a whole at heart.

May I suggest to all concerned that a cease fire is in order? Image
Our local Hospice has received dispensation to allow smoking to continue; I thought this might be useful if others are interested in pursuing the matter for their own Hospice/Care Home or whatever. My husband is also a non-smoker and so it doesn't affect him and although he is probably in the last year of his life, he was very concerned that others in his position should be allowed to continue to smoke if they wished.

Do you know - I might even start smoking now Image
Sorry to start up a row again, but surely a residential home is just that ........ a home, not a public place. And if you cannot smoke in your own home, if you so wish, where can you. Are we really going to make these heroes and heroines sit outside in the rain? All you need is a room with an outside wall and an extractor fan, oh, and someone with a little heart and charity to make it so.
Whatever happened to "an Englishman's home is his castle"?
It is upsetting to read JohnRJ's post in which he points out that we don't know Norman and the 'good work' he has done. Ponder on this quote from Norman's post and just thank god that he is not in a position (hopefully) to take this poisonous opinion of his into any of the Hospices and Care Homes wherever he lives. Or is he??

"All they lack is will power. And I have no sympathy for them"

so picture the scene, an old man/lady in the last 24hrs of their lives ask Norman if he can take them to the Smoke Room and help them to have a cigarette. Norman then responds as above!! Image
I'll say no more, but I think it will be useful to always bear this quote in mind when reading any of the postings of the said man.
Hi Tony
Thanks for your reply.
Some people do take a very high ground on there opinions but that is because what they believe it is right in there mind's.
So if Norman thinks these thing's it's his right as it is yours to think other wise.
But to start getting personal on this site does no good this as happened in the past and Matt as requested in the past that it don't happen again.
We are all caring for someone on this site or have been carer's let's keep it friendly as we have always tried to in the past.
Please can we agree to disagree?.
Hello Mary: After being told off by johnR last night about my thoughts on certain peoples views on smoking i was up most of the night thinking weather i had been too hard on that person ,well to me all i am interested in is the happyness and comfort of the person being cared for,if it means a smoke so be it,my mums special thing before she died was to have a cream cake for her breakfast every morning, should i have banned her from that because of all the calories, i dont think so, when i walked in of a morning with her coffee and cake you should have seen the smile on her face, it was like she was a child again, being a little bit naughty, and i say bless her and all people who have a little enjoyment at the end of their life,i am sorry if i have upset anyone but that is how i feel.

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