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Hello Mary: Anyone for a smoke? some people cannot seem to get their priorities right. In general i found that the carers provided by the local authority were awful, they would turn up late,leave early, tell me what they would and would not do . I smoke but i never smoked in the room where the carers would have to go but they still complained to their line manager that i smoked in my own house . As far as i was concerned in my house i should be able to do what i want within reason, but not according to lambeth social services. That, amongst other reasons is why i got rid of all outside help apart from a district nurse who would come in once a month to give my mother a B12 injection. Even though it was much more tiring for me, at least my dear old mum was safe with me, and safety is another thing that i will bring up on another forum.

Hi Mary I'm with you if you want to abolish vehicles using fossil fuels with electric vehicles.
If you want to risk getting a smoking related disease you are free to do so. But that does not mean that non smokers like me, who struggled for years to give up th habit have to endanger their health as well. If I could stop after ten years as a smoker so can anyone else. All they lack is will power. And I have no sympathy for them. I do feel sorry for non smokers like you who die early as a result of living with a smoker.
Anyone is free to smoke in private if they wish. But their freedom to smoke ends where someone else's nose begins.
Incidentally I haven't driven a car for twenty years and it is over thirty years since I last owned one. I do ride a cycle and walk everywhere I can. Although cycling is now unpleasant owing to the traffic congestion and fumes.
best wishes normangardner
Hello normangardner: How wonderful it must be to be such a understanding and caring person such as yourself. I wondered how long it would be before some person with no bad habits would be such a harsh critic of other peoples frailtys . You sound to me just like the council people who i speak to all the time who quote you this and that, why cant people just be caring and put up with other peoples faults.The world is full of doogooders, but if my mother had wanted a smoke on her deathbed then that is what she would have had, i am sorry but the person that i was caring for comes first, ex- smokers are always the worst people when it comes to smoking issues, how sad?

Norman, I think that is the most obnoxious reply that anyone could have made. I pointed out earlier that many of these older people currently dying with smoking related diseases (and other diseases) put their lives on the line for us when they were young and fit, and the Government at that time made sure that they had supplies of cigarettes on the front line. NOW when they are dying, you point out that if you could stop after 10 years, then so could anyone else. So - do you think you should go into the Hospices and Hospitals and give that lecture to these people? You are disgusting.
Tony-- Mary-- you've said it all--and probably saved me from getting banned with what I was going to reply to Norman-- thank you both for being human and humane. You managed to remain polite -I wouldn't have!!!!
Cheers Ken
Dear Ken: Thanks for that, i have come across many people like that when i was a carer for my mother, they seem so high and mighty with their better than thou morals. I am a smoker but do not force my smoking on other people , but even if i did not smoke i would still not stop a person who i was caring for from having a smoke, if thats there little bit of enjoyment in life, then good luck to them.Basically they are jobsworths , nothing better to moan about, quite sad really.? Take care ken, bye for now.Keep up the fight.

I've been reading this thread and I'm totally gobsmacked.

Firstly the person who started the thread, was this issue of having to hand out cigarettes to residents in your contract when you took the job - if it was well then I'm not sure what the issue is, if you're unhappy with aspects of your role then you either take it up with your manager or look for alternative employment, you can't cherry pick which parts of the job you like or don't like - I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but that's the bottom line.

This has highlighted the difference between 'paid' carers and what we do as 'unpaid' carers, our carees are our lives, not a job - I know a lot of residental care workers do a fantastic job but there can't be the same connection as caring for a member of your family - if Mum wanted to smoke, go down the pub for a drink or whatever I would make sure she could, she's survived not only a war but buried two husbands and a son, who am I to deny her what little pleasures she wants in her twilight years, to hell whether it's politically correct or not, if she can live through being bombed and rationing, the odd Benson & Hedges is nothing.
Dear PaulaH: What a humane and heartfelt thing to say, these people are so petty, just as you said just like my mum, they went through the second world war, bombing etc, if they cannot have a smoke, well i just dont know what to say anymore.
Take care.

Tony, after listening to my local football team's 5-1 thrashing this afternoon on the radio I could do with a fag myself Image

Take care

Hi PaulaH: I might have a cigar and really annoy some people, i am such a selfish person.

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