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Thankyou for your replies. I should have made my query clearer. It is a residential home that I work in, the care plan has been changed that if a resident wants to smoke all carers and other staff who smoke and non smokers have to give them a cigarette and light them in the smoke room. I am not saying that they shouldnt smoke but as a non smoker do I have a right to refuse to hand out and light cigarettes when there are other staff that do smoke which are capable. Thanks.
Then in that case, you should be able to request that smoker care workers "light up" the residents Image
Hi I feel quite strongly about this as a former smoker who has been a non smoker for over thirty years. No non smoker should be obliged to put their own health at risk to stisfy the addiction of a smoker. Smoking related diseases do not pick and chooose. they kill and disable anyone who inhales tobacco smoke, either primary or secondary. If I were in blueyes shoes, I would be saying 'up with this i will not put', and seek a trqnsfer to a post where I did not have to tolerate tobacco smoke, or risk suffering the diseases it causes. If people want to make themselves ill smoking, they should not expect sympathy or co-operation from those of us who do not smoke and stay relatively healthy. Image
Hi Everybody: Just listening to you all talking about the rights and wrongs of smokers is getting me het up. I am sorry to say that if you are caring for an elderly person and smoking is one of their last pleasures, how on earth can you all be talking about not allowing that person to smoke. We are now living in such a politically correct society that we are constently being told we cant do this or we cant do that, giving someone the odd smoke will not do you any harm,you will take in more bad air walking down the road. One of the reasons that i eventually took over my mothers fulltime care was because many care workers would come to our home and say we cant do this we cant do that all because of Health and safety rules and regulations . If your that worried about your health then do not become a carer or care worker, just being a carer or care worker is bad for your health?

Thank god for you Tony. I thought I was on my own here. As you say about the pollution we come across every day just walking down the street (which is far more toxic and dangerous than cigarette smoke), I wonder if these people who are so violently anti-smoking are driving the cars which are poisoning us every day? I am a non smoker by the way, always have been.
Hi mary: I am so glad that there seems to be some sensible people out there, the problem we have in society today is that there are too many rule makers, and not enough dooers .I remember a chiropodist coming to do my mothers feet, she was pregnant and when she realised that she would have to bend to do my mothers feet she said that she would be unable to do this as it was against health and safety. When i replied why are you at work then if you are unable to fullfil your job desription, she then said that it was not her job to bend down to do peoples feet. How stupid, it would be like a fireman saying i am not going into a burning building. I am sure some people who work in the area of elderly care use all the rule book instead of using common sense? What do you think mary?

I think I was particularly sad to read the first posting on this topic. It does appear that it is not only in the field of healthcare that people take a job and then try to get the rules altered to suit them. Although it doesn't fit on this board, the example of the teaching assistant who turned up at work in a full Burkha and is now suing the local authority. She hadn't worn the Burkha for the job interview! There is always the danger that the person of the first post is leading up to a legal case.... It makes me sick to be honest. What needs to be remembered is that many of the elderly who are now dying of smoking related diseases were the ones who fought for us in the last war. Government kept them well supplied with cigarettes then! And now they've got to face young whipper-snappers who are refusing to light a cigarette for them! It makes my blood boil, and it's about time that people started telling it like it is.
WELL SAID MARY: I have had to fight so many rules and regulations over the last twenty years, that the idea of someone witholding a smoke for some poor old dear or fella, just like you makes my skin crawl.As my poor old mum use to say, things and people were kinder in her day, they tended to put others before themselves, not like today. In my day before i became a carer, if you took a job and you shook hands at the interview, you did not then try and change the way the company worked, you took the good and the bad, just got on with things and stopped moaning.

Thank God there are some carers about-the originator of this post is exactly what's wrong with the paid carers today..
We can't roll the patient --it may hurt our back-etc etc etc --the list goes on.
Most are not in the job to care but to take advantage of all the health and safety rules been brought in-just like the ethnic minorities take advantage of all the race laws>

If you can't give a cig to somebody in there last few months of life then you have no right to call yourself a carer- because you just don't care!!!!
Oh heck Ken and Tony Image We'll get banned from the Board Image I felt very sad when someone else said that lighting a cigarette was something "up with which he would not put". (A strange choice actually because it was originally said by Winston Churchill, a serious smoker). As you say, it does cause me to question 'Carers'. This truly does demonstrate that some people just do not care at all.
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