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chronic and severe depression CARERS IN CRISIS - Carers UK Forum

chronic and severe depression CARERS IN CRISIS

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
Not wanting to sound depressing as this time of the year and due to ill and just not ablt to do anything so low.

there is no support really who can help especially in fife and in the dundee area.

i will need to see my gp in the new year for something to try and help face 2009 due to many sllepless nights have had a recurring nightmare that i will not see my 50 birthday a dear cousin died at fifty and he was a very happy go lucky chap.

in other posts people talk of the great help and support given to carers that is not the case with mum and me.

i am now so angry and depressed with what we as carers have to keep on fighting for the term POSITVE MENTAL ATTITUDE is very apt when you are really pushed beyond what you can take.

24/7 brain and mind not swtiching off thinking of this and that went to say a clinical psychologist for 3 or 4 sessions did not really help me. and one hr session each time.

DO NOT DRINK OR SMOKE just so tired and the chronc back and osteo arthritis does not help.

am just over 6 ft tall did weigh 160 kg now down to 124kg due to diabetes very stockly built ex rugby player broken leg motorbike accident 19 years old now 48 end of jan.

just climbing the walls with how to tackle all the issues why do l have to turn to medication but it looks like thats what i have to do to help.

just so low each year this time gets worse each year have try harder in trying fight this what ever you call it.

been single and only mum around mum in dundee me in fife so it is very difficult all the unique circumstances.

just dont know

hello kenneth

i do not know of any help in your area
but i am sure someone will come on and
answer you soon

in the meantime, i am thinking of you,
2009 hopefully will be the year when
carers are finally recognised for the
work they do.

sending you love and (((((hugs)))))

I can't offer you any words of wisdom, but just want you to know that I am thinking of you and I understand how you feel. You have written a very sad post and I urge you to get to your GP as soon as you can and tell him how you truly feel. I hope that he can help you.
Take care,
Bluebord x
Kenneth, have you tried the local carers centre? I know that there is one in Fife and one in Dundee: if you need help with caring for your mum then it may be worth contacting the Dundee carers centre as they will know what services are in the area?
Hi Kenneth,
I think Charles is right.

I know sometimes the Carers Centres can be a bit hit and miss but honestly feel, if you're really at crisis point, they do work with social services to try and find something to relieve the pressure.

Not everyones favourite but the out of hours social services can sometimes help too. Image

marie x
over the rainbow is a good carers support forum thyre such kind people and more personal too!! the lady who runs is dosnt charge and her husbands disabled with depression too. Image Image also if things get tough the social services actually will give u several hours of care free!! so u can have breaks
I would say get to your GP as soon as possible. I let myeself get so low this year I battled alone and just kept trying to focus on my partners illness. When I eventually admitted defeat (not really sure what I had to prove?) I went to my Gp and poured everything out. I also started to get the beginnings of a stomach ulcer, the GP said it was all stress related. She put me on citalopram and immediatly I started to feel better. It wasn't just that I felt better, but I was also able to put things in perspective. Like you, I had morbid thoughts, and they would increase at night, and stop me sleeping.

I don't expect to be on the citalopram forever, but right now I need them. Go to your GP, before you sink lower. You have made the first step in realising you need help. How can you be there for your Mum if you don't take care of you?

I wish you all the best xxx
personally fight for help, its hard and is draining but it helps, its horrible feeling alone but u r not, some times just coming online and having a complain, moan, depressed moment can help..
Talking to some one helps, learning how to cope with how u feel and recognse why, and how
please take it from some one who has made some major F*kc ups and been very lucky her fellla has had her back .. i was lucky in a way my dr gave me a weak anti-depressant to help me sleep and relax before bed and he referred me straight away for proper help and she came to my home. depression is a serious thing to suffer with and i nearly ruined my life completely, its not nice, and feeling alone is terrible.. I have a really great book which helped me quite a bit, i know u dont know me but if u send me your address I would be happy to post it to u, its a bit tounge in cheak but explains everything very well.
Theres some good advice above mate, I hope you can get some help very soon. I know what depression is, I've lived with it for over 40yrs now looking after my wife who has suffered since she was 18.

All the best for 2009

tis an evil thing depression, i dont know how matt puts up with me some times, and the worse thing is its amy thats keeps me going, and i fee quite bad now realsing that. but we hurt those we love and ive hurt him but he still loves me. and i do thank him alot, i am very greatful to him.