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Unethical/Inadequate social worker

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Hi there. Since my Mother has had severe Strokes and has involvement from the local authority's social services dept; I've had lots of issues with whichever social worker is involved. They've all been totally unhelpful and obstructive and incompetent in supporting me dealing with crucial issues. I have just put in a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman with the hope they can intervene. Is there a governing body that I can flag up one of the social worker's inefficient involvement that has caused the local authority to scapegoat me as responsible for their failings?
Yes, just google "governing body for social workers" and you will find it. There is even a list of all qualified social workers and where they work! I rang them recently, and they were very helpful.
Have you first tried the SS dept internal complaint process?

According t o my councils complaints advice, first ask to speak to the social worker or. His or her manager and try to resolve the problem by discussion.
Our council has a list of about seven promises or statements of things they must conform to in service delivery.

Have a look at your council web site to see what your council says
I have put in complaints. They're not interested. They act like they are far more superior than sorting things out and working with me. After all like my Mother's previous social worker used to always state: 'It's about your Mother'. That's the response everytime I had to deal with her in sorting anything + everything out for my Mother.
Contact a councillor and say that you now want to go to the Ombudsman because the Complaint seems to have been ignored
Or, write a letter, addressed to the Monitoring Officer, and say you are dissatisfied with the way your complaint has been handled, can you please take it to the next stage of the complaints procedure
I tried our LA Monitoring Officer, who just passed my letter over to the Complaints Officer!
In my county there are three stages to the complaints process.

They just stone wall. People though , it is very rare that they will ever admit they were wrong
They told me that the social worker who I believe made all the mistakes had left the authority. But even so, they just would not admit the mistakes. They caused he break up of a family