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gordon brown carers

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its me again, i noticed that most carers agreed with me about the help we need from GORDON BROWN who will be next P.M. i think we should inform him that we as carers save the state thousands of pounds and we shouild get some of that cash in our pockets we should think about a no vote at next election some 6 million voters, most carers i think have a postal vote we should post our ballot papers to number ten.
i heard gorden brown say on t.v. news this evening, that he wants to hear from the people what they want. - so lets tell him carers, and carers UK.
How do we go about contacting him? And with the SNP getting in Scotland should the Scottish carers contact them. I think there should be a panel of carers consulted so this dreadful system gets changed. We have a young carer who comes in and he is from another country and he even says UK is bad for care. I have to wait till crisis point to get more help, the system is not running as it should. Also is anyone caring for 35hrs a week? How many have to care for over 100hrs a week? Should carers allowance have different levels? Should Health and Safety be involved as this is well over the working week? Should ill people, carers, families be hit because they got ill and are of working age? As when the person dies the family is left with nothing as its all been drained. Do we really need Social Workers? are they they middle man? Do they help or hinder? In Spain they have a lottery to help carers is that something we should have to help us? As long as it was fair and ran right.
Sorry folks for the moan couldn't get my husband to sleep until 1 this morning. But what do you think of the ideas?
i had to care for both of my parents now sadly only one and it is 24/7 when i contacted mp for advice he said i could work for £90 per week without losing benefits but who would look after my mother when i was at work? contacted social services and they said it would cost £12 per hour to sit with her we had to pay for my fathers day care £16-00 plus his lunch ive only had 2 weeks break since 1997 we save n.h.s. over £20-000 per year by working as carers the goverment still dont look upon us as workers
Who wants a carers Union? A few people might get a shock if we started up one or one took us on.
me i was union rep at work railway
my brother full time union official r.m.t.
are you willing to start one up for the UK ? I am at the moment doing some calculations as to who really pays for care, but i know everyone will be different. It is based on how much tax, benifts, care costs.