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Hi can anyone help we have just been told that my OH will be moving from LA Direct Payments to NHS Continuing health Care. We have been assured there will be no change, but as ever I am sure that is not the case.

I assume someone or several of you have gone down this road.

She will for the foreseeable future be cared for at home by myself and our existing PAs.

We currently make a contribution to the direct payments.

Can any one tell me
1. Will we still have to make a contribution?
2. Will the NHS start to take her OAP and DLA in payment?
3. Any other impact that you are aware of.

Many Thanks
Tony I think the best people to answer your questions are the Carers UK Adviceline - you can find their contact details on the main website.

I am not qualified to advise but my son has CHC and I can only tell you of our experience. When he was Social Services funded, they financially assessed him and he had to pay a contribution. However, under CHC he does not have to pay any contribution at all.

In due course, it is possible that they may look at your situation to see if they think they can meet your OH's needs cheaper, or following their "processes", or by using their approved providers. However, our experience so far is that NHS assessors are understaffed and tend to work on a system of crisis management, so if something is working well and not costing a fortune, then they are likely to leave well alone.

Hope all goes well under the new arrangements.
When hubby was on CHC, we were part funded by our local council and partly by Social Services. But the monthly bank payments were made entirely from the council, cos the SS just sent funds to the council, who then paid into the bank account.
It's certainly not uniform around the country I do know that. Best to check and ask questions locally.