CHC funding in own home

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Well done Mary you make sure you get as much info as possible to fight your son's corner for his future at home.


Sorry for giving you a late night! Glad it helped.
Congratulations on getting chc funding. I am in a very similar position to you in this respect, particularly in relation to not being able to fight any more battles. Although social services will now have stoopped being responsible for your son, they still have a responsibility to you as a carer. Tell them that you NEED an advocate to fight your corner because of SEVERE STRESS (quote the exact term) who will then be able to fight the battle for you. I am still finding out how chc works but I hope they might start paying me for the care I provide. Always try to make them think you will take them to court if they don't provide what your son needs. Mostly they try anything they like unless they genuinely believe that they will end up in court and hence all over the news. This tends to concentrate their minds wonderfully for your individual case so you don't actually need to.
How can CHC assess someone as eligible for their funding and then provide 0 care?