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chc does not qualify stuck in the middle

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A friend who I help has multiple health conditions really bad needs more care, someone suggested continuing Health Care, an assessment was done which she didn't really understand.

The 2 staff said you don't qualify and that's it.
My friend clearly needs more care, a relative is staying at the moment to help out but cannot stay forever.

The council says she cannot have any more care, the council agrees she needs more care but cannot give her more care, maximum care package.
She seems to be stuck in the middle, in between the boundarys of the nhs and social services, been told if she gets worse will get the chc but she needs the care now not when she gets worse

What will happen when the relative leaves? I don't know.
she could always appeal for the NHS care.

my daughter has just been successful, although its been a hard slog.

if your friend did not understand the NHS assessment I am afraid that's a bad place to start from. the questions that they ask and the forms they fill in are very ambiguous, and are best answered in a certain way. it almost needs study and research by everyone that is supporting her, before the actual assessment. of course, as always, the replies you give have to be how you are on the worst days, not on a good day. just don't mention the good days. and make sure she has somebody to support her when the assessment is done.

good luck to her.
I have just dropped in to write an update on my own battle with authorities about funding my Mums healthcase (it is in Members Corners)

However, I spotted your thread which like any other CHC and care funding battle sounds like it is going to be a pretty difficult challenge (I can only go by my own personal efforts)

My Mums original care at home Continuing Healthcare Funding was triggered by her District Nurse who visited her regularly to check how she was doing.

Mums District Nurse completed the form, changed a few bits and pieces and insisted to anybody that my Mum met the criteria for CHC funding for her care at home. Then when it became obvious that Mum could not be safely left on her own at home when I had my weekend breaks from caring, her District Nurse raised the funding to allow 24 hour care in my absence.

Does your friend / relative have a District Nurse? Can you ask the District Nurse to complete a CHC Assessment for her properly so it meets all criteria?

Also ask your relatives GP if they can help too.

Maybe if all those who help tell GP that they cannot continue helping and ask for proper care support to be put in place - then NHS will step up.

I hope that eventually funding is provided for your friend / relative but maybe asking District Nurse and GP to help might be a way forward to start with.
Good luck x
We often forget that these applications which we think are qualifying us are in fact designed to rule us out! I just requested a fast track CHC evaluation for my mother, supposed to be done in 48 hours and I had no response, apart from the doctor saying mum is very frail..

Your friends relative has no obligation to stay. If they left and the carers thought your friend was at risk in their home, then I suspect that the LA would need to transfer to a care/nursing home.

Is your friend willing/able to pay herself for additional care in her home? It's not a pleasant situation at all.
My mum was in a similar position, despite the Grogan case that clearly stated that no one should be left in this position.
How do you qualify, what state do you need to be in, my friend can do very little herself, don't know anything about this assessment no paperwork.

No district nurse and I don't think there ever has been, that's one of the problems in and out of hospital, but left just coping, something happens and back in hospital again.

It's a choice between leaving their home or possibly one of those rent out your spare room to a lodger in return for help around the house, cleaning, meals cooked etc.
a nurse or ex nurse would be ideal but we can dream can't we.

Don't know if that would work? but would avoid leaving her beautiful house.

Could sell the house which would pay for the care but can't pay for the care until sold the house a catch 22 situation.
The relative has no obligation to stay and can't stay unless could be paid to care somehow.

I have been asked to help but way over the top needs, contemplating but I don't think it would work out.
Possible CHC candidate ?

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... inks-32532

Early on ... THE BIBLES ... for the full sp on who qualifies for CHC and the procedures to be followed.

Easiest one to read ... none really are ! ... the Age Concern one in .pdf format
In that situation, she needs to ask Social Services for a Needs Assessment. If she has under £23,000 in savings, Social Services pay for some or all of the care. Otherwise recommend that she pays for the care until she gets below the £23,000 threshold. Make sure she is claiming PIP, or Attendance Allowance if over 65.
(The hospital should have ensured before she was discharged that it was safe for her to go home, and in any case she would be entitled to 6 weeks Reablement Care, maybe longer if needed.