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Thanks for your input everyone
Sorry missed your post earlier Greta. I think at least part of the reason Dad doesn't want to talk to them is that they are not really trying to engage beyond the "Do you want a cup of tea?" line. He tells them to go away, he doesn't want them and trying not to be rude here but some of them are , being as PC as possible, a bit gormless shall we say?
I think I will speak to the agency tomorrow and see if I can discuss what I can get them to do if Dad doesn't require the personal care side of things. I agree they should be able to get breakfast and put on the washing machine. I just feel as though I am picking on all of them and worried about loosing the help such that it is.
Actually, we have had problems with male carers. I suppose it is the rule everywhere that a male carer cannot attend a woman patient alone, whereas a female carer can attend a male patient.

Because there are always two carers here, it was not quite so bad as for you, Henrietta, when one was not very good. But I do feel that even bad male carers are going to be sent to us frequently because they have to go somewhere. Your father and my brother can have male carers. We had one who was clearly autistic, trying hard but wanting to take control and not accept advice from others. He once left the water tap on full flow. Another was unable to read and write (I wasn't supposed to know). When either of these arrived early, it was risky. Both have left. Recently we had a very young and sheepish one, and I did ask for him not to come again. In fact he has gone back to shadowing.

I do hope you get CHC permanently. You should actually be able to refuse carers who are no good, but of course if they are in the majority there won't be any point in that.
Thank you Greta-our posts crossed. Yes I would have complained sooner but I keep thinking the decision is imminent so I have been drifiting into what is an unhelpful routine. I must agree the girls who come are quite happy to fill their time, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning floors, ironing etc. The boys couldn't boil an egg or toast a slice of bread between them sometimes.
I will speak to the agency and see if I can come up with an acceptable list of things I can get them to help with and then if they refuse I can have reason to complain.
I also asked the agency not to send one of their staff, he was particularly uncommunicative, drove Dad potty and on his first visit left the house with both front doors open and unlocked and the dog inside the house loose with just Dad inside and we live on a main road.
I am finding one or two of the staff also like to while away a good ten minutes chatting to me so I will be backing off to supervise only.
Excuse this Henrietta - not directly related to your situation - but I need to say that we have Agincare and our carers are brilliant!
Anne, in our area they were told to pull their socks up by CQC, having spoken to my mum and other service users. It made front page news locally. Henrietta and I are only a few miles away. Like everything else in the care industry, it all depends on the personalities involved.
Well today I finally got the CHC decision and no surprise in that it was a no decicision, but at least they have been paying for the last 2 months while thinking about it.
I will need to have a good thing now and decide what to do in the way of cancelling or chaning visits. I know CHC have written to social services to request a review of needs so I will wait to hear from that before I do anything rash and pay the ongoing bills in the meanwhile.