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Here are details of a recent Ombudsman's report saying that the first 6 weeks should be free, regardless of what the service is called!
https://www.lgo.org.uk/information-cent ... ing-duties
For anyone who doesn't know - the 6 week Reablement /Intermediate Care is for when a patient first comes out of hospital, usually after an operation (something like a hip replacement) and needs help with things like washing/dressing etc.

We had it after Mum had total knee replacements and it was definitely free in our area. We did choose to have the Care Assistants for longer than the 6 weeks as I was working at the time so had to pay for the additional visits.
My dad was supposed to have this reablement package for free after he had a fall on 28th December and really hurt his back. It took soo long to even get the assessment that he was back in hospital before it was implemented.
He never came out and died three months later of an unrelated matter that we don't know. He was only in his 60s. He was killed by the hospital as was treated (lack of) so poorly I threatened to get the police in at one point. This should never have happened, none of it.
On paper it can be recommended. In practice, it did not work for us. Would the outcome have been different if he hadn't had a bad fall? I don't know.
The problem I've had is the council not being able to tell me what criteria they use for who get reablement services.
I got told different things at different times, I think dad got intermediate care on 2 occasions, he also used up his 3 months of rehabilitation in hospital. I was told he was only entitled to reablement the one time when it was " enabling" him to return home to a degree of independance. Once there was no prospect of re-enabling him so to speak he didn't qualify- just when you need it most.
I think I posted on the forum before about criteria for enablement and am not done with the LA yet. I have to pick my battles and that's on the backburner heading for the ombudsmen after I sort out a hospice bed for mum.

Henrietta, I've had a similar experience. Just when you need enablement (or in my case, for It to be restarted) it is unavailable and without a good explanation. Mum had just started on it when she came down with an infection. She was admitted to hospital having been in bed for a week very sick, so the discharge team took it that mum was usually bed bound so had no prospect of improvement! It's so very frustrating.