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Changing times.

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I attended a meeting of Lancashire Carers Forum today where various experts listened to Carers representatives and explained what changes are in the pipeline so far, in the continued revolution in social services. Where Individual Budgets, etc. will allow carers to employ their own staff if they wish, and administer the funds used to pay for services.
There are apparently no checks and balances, to ensure that Carer employers, do not expect care worker employees to contravene current Health and Safety laws. Or any monitoring system such as the present Social Services Inspectorate which currently monitors care agencies and social services departments.
In this vacuum care workers would have no option but to sue their Carer employers, if they are injured at work owing to a contravention of Health and Safety laws. Also Carer employers may be prosecuted and imprisoned if they are found guilty of contravening Health and Safety laws.
I have also learned today that it is not possible to train Carers at home in lifting and handling techniques. because one person should never do such a thing. This job always has to be done by two people. So if a Carer is faced with the problem of getting a caree onto the toilet and no one is available to help him / her. The only option is to ring an ambulance or the fire brigade to help with the toileting.
Here is an extract from Ivan Lewis' ltest statement on this brave new world, cited on theyworkforyou.com.

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40 years ago my Mum needed care. Then my Dad worked and he earned enough to pay the mortgage, bills, feed and clothe his family. A-levels went out of the window as I had to leave school to look after Mum, but the point is Dad earned enough to look after us.
These days it takes 2 people earning to pay the mortgage etc. So when one ceases employment due to disabilty there is hardship. When the other ceases employment due to the other needing their care, there is poverty.
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Then we had clean hospitals and the professionals were helpful and supportive.
Changing times indeed Image Image Image
Who changed with the times? The carers who give up their lives, hopes and dreams for their loved ones.
Who are miles behind the times? The Government, the "care" services and, unfortunately, quite a few carer charities, all of whom have underestimated the changing climate in which we live.
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Oh right, so next time Mum needs the loo I'm supposed to ring 999, I can see that working, not Image

Mind you if it means a couple of strapping firemen in uniform call round I might give it a go Image
Hi tony here: That is one of the biggest problems that is engulfing social services and the care industry, people who use the rules and regulations to avoid work, i always had to lift my mother by myself in a hoist, yet social services said that under the health and safety act it was wrong to do it, and that if staff from an outside agency were asked to do it then they would refuse, they said that it as a two person job. As paula said what happens in the event of a trip to the toilet or a fall, do they leave the person on the floor or pick them up? outside staff would leave them on the floor and call an ambulance, and they call themselves careworkers, thats a laugh? I am sorry but if i was looking after someone and i could lift them up then i would, i would not leave them on the floor and quote the health and safety act, it is just used by people who want an exscuse not to do something a bit demanding.

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Do you see any gentlemen around here Paula.....all I see is Tony.... Image Image
Hope you 2 have fun with the dressing up.... Image
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Back to the thread, Mum did have a fall a few months ago and I did have to call the ambulance mainly because she complained about her leg but I couldn't pick her up on my own - it was really frustrating but the paramedics were really good (they had uniforms as well!)and checked her over, fortunately she didn't have to go to hospital.
Hi All, I thought this information may be of use to people who are thinking or being urged to go onto dirct funding or individual budgets, which are being pushed by the Government at the moment.
As an ex-nurse, I have a bad back as a result of ten years in the front line ( sorry girls, had to give my uniform back), and many of my former workmates are much worse off than me, having spent a life time in the job and had back operations etc..
I wore a weight lifter's back support when I was looking after my wife, and I used the hoist on my own when I was not supposed to. However I do not blame the girls who helped her for obeying the rules. Hopefully they will not have a bad back as an occupational disease when they are older. They are in the position of having to obey their employer's instructions.
It is probable, as someone has pointed out on another thread, that the rules are there to protect the carer employers from being sued by their employees for industrial injury claims. The whole circus comes round full circle when Carers become employers.
If Carers who employ care workers do not protect themselves in the way that current care agencies do, thay also will be liable to unlimited damages if for example, a care worker falls off a stool when changing a light bulb and suffers a head injury. With a possible six million Carers employing the same number of care workers in future. Such cases are certain to happen unless everyone conforms to the rules. Image
best wishes normangardner