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Changing care agencies

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My mum's care agency only sent one carer tonight (it's a double-up call at weekends in case I'm going out) and didnt inform us. Well they left a voicemail at about five pm to say there would be two carers but they couldn't say what time they'd arrive.

There have been numerous incidents since her agency was taken over last year, but this is the final straw. I'm going to ring social services on Monday to request a change in agency, and I'm also going to ring the CQC because I believe this to be a safe-guarding issue. The carer that came tonight informed me that a number of other clients have only been receiving one carer when they're assessed as needing two. I believe they have a problem with chronic short-staffing. I checked with mum and she's happy for me to go ahead and request a change in agency. It's a hassle, and I don't like to do it, but since the merge we've been getting new carers that I've had to induct anyway so I might as well induct an agency that can provide carers in the first place.

Any thoughts or pointers for me to bear in mind? Or any similar stories to tell?
Yes, ring SSD and CQC. CQC were brilliant when my mum's care agency was failing. They listened to what I had to say, and rang mum, who told them what was going wrong. The agency pulled up their socks as a result, for a while anyhow. Mum always got very attached to her carers, and didn't want to lose contact with the ones she liked, but eventually told the agency not to send certain carers.
Definitely ring. SS not only changed our agency, they actually dumped them and we got a brilliant one :D
In our area all the agencies are as bad as each other as the SW dept go for what is cheapest not what is best for the client.

Thanks for chipping in folks.

I spoke to social services on Mon and rang back today as no one had contacted me. There has been a SW allocated but her first concern was to wonder if mediation would be helpful. I explained in no uncertain terms that this issue was a deal breaker and I could no longer have any trust in the care this agency was supposed to provide. She was fine with that so now it's going to the broker to find another agency.
So we changed agencies and now we're changing again.
I know I won't get exactly what suits me as far as care agencies are concerned, but I'm exercising my right in shopping around (insofar as mum and me are willing).
So our third agency starts tomorrow. We know them as they provide my sister's care so l'll see how it goes. I hope it works, as looking forward it would be easier to have just one agency involved in both my carees care in terms of managing rosters, call clashes.
Here is hoping for third time lucky, Frito. It's exhausting though isn't it.