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Changes to disability benefits - means testing etc - Carers UK Forum

Changes to disability benefits - means testing etc

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I'm new here, so sorry if this has already been discussed. I have a 4 year old son with autism who gets high rate DLA for care and I'm about to apply for Carer's Allowance. His autism is quite bad and he has to go to a specialist nursery as mainstream settings can't cope with him. I have been reading in the news about possible means testing/taxing of disability benenfits. I was wondering if anyone knows how this would work if the award you receive is for a child and if it would be based on household or the carer's income. For example, we can't get full chidl tax credit as that is based on household income and we are in the upper end of the range for child tax credits as a household but if it were based on my income alone I would get the full rate as I don't work so that I can meet my son's care needs.

I guess no-one knows the answers for sure yet but wondered if anyone has any views? hopefully, if they do something like means testing they would have to phase it in to give people time to plan for it.

carers allowance generally goes to people on income support/job seekers in your case if you have a higher income you have a less likely chance to recieve it as the more you earn the less carers allowance you are entitled to. You allowed to earn £100 per week regardless of other benefits before carer's allowance is affected but if their is joint earnings your chances of getting it are reduced
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Not sure about the combination with other benefit for child. But if your caring role is more than 35 hours /week, you are entitled to claim Carers Allowance as your Caree (your son) is already getting DLA. But like my CA affects to our Income Support as total "income" is calcurated by what law says. If your household has more income (if your partner/husband works) than what law says how much you need to live, any other benefit you get will affect. But your son's DLA is untouchable.

It is worth calling on Carers UK helpline and getting legal advice.

Take care.
Rebalsi, means testing isn't happening - at least yet.

How it will work is one of those questions that cannot be answered, really. They might follow the principle that the claim is for the child and therefore only their own income - or income related to them - is taken into account (child benefit, child tax credits, savings), or that the whole household's income is taken into account, as used to happen with Income Support before kids were taken out of that benefit.

Or they might exclude kids from means testing at all.

Or they might drop the means test.

We've no way of knowing for the moment.
I'm being made redundant as of end of July, so my last pay will be then and I get a redundancy payment shortly after. So when can I apply for Carer's Allowance - do they look at earnings over the last 4 weeks - is that right? Do they take account of redundancy payments?
yes they will look at your last pay slip and work it from there.

i know as i have just lost 3 weels CA. i went short time working just before easter and applied for it straight away, but my work the local authority, failed to send to wages the appropriate hours that i was working and they overpaid me, i sent away my payline with a letter stating that i was overpaid and would be paying it back to them BUT the reply i got was send me next months payline and we will work from it.they did and i now will get it ,but NOT that 3 weeks even although the wage line stated on it from the council that there was a deduction due to last months overpayment.

Rebalsi, means testing isn't happening - at least yet.
We've no way of knowing for the moment.
Charles has summed it up. All we have to go on is a rumour via a speculative newspaper article. The problem with that is that sometimes the newspapers are well briefed and it turns out to be true, and in other cases teh newspaper has been thrown a red herring, for whatever political reasons and everyone worries for nothing.

Also if they do introduce it, they will have a fight on their hands, and with a coalition/minority government it will make that fioght more interesting. If they do introduce it, it will take a long time to implement, and as you say probably phased in starting with new claimants.

So you can't really second guess how it might affect your family, not until we know more detail.
Rebalsi asked
Do they take account of redundancy payments?
I don't think they would take reduncy payment into account on a Carers Allowance claim, but they would on JSA or Income Support.
If you are eligble for Jobseekers Allowance it's a bit more than Carer's Allowance. When I was made redundant I started with Jobseekers and after 6 months moved to Carer's Allowance as you cannot receive both payments.

I have to say though when I went on Jobseekers allowance I was unsure whether I would be able to work or not given my caree's health. The job I had allowed me to work at home 90% of the time so I could care and work. As time went on not only was the shortage of any job in my field very evident, but also that my husband required full time care and unless I could find another job working at home I could not work.
i feel that me being on carers allowance and my partner is on pension credits penalizes me from working and making £100 a week because any paid work i do my husband is penalized for this and its taking off his money and we would be worst off then we are now i think that the government needs to take a look at this because i want to be able to work parttime and also do my caring as well but i dont know if this will ever change and im sure im not alone in ths situation any feed back would be appreciated