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Camel with too many straws - Carers UK Forum

Camel with too many straws

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Well, my son has been on a Community Treatment Order for 6 months ending today. He's had monthly injections of antipsychotic and by and large they have kept him well. We rushed to move all the things in his flat to keep them out of the encroaching flood water but very little came in, as it turned out. Just a soaked mattress and some smelly clothes.

I've had a painful 'trigger finger' and was booked in for a third steroid injection today, and mum demanded that I wash her hair and then admitted she had fallen in the bath. Me: 'Why didn't you press the alarm? ' Mum: 'Well I didn't know who would come, and I had no clothes on.'

Then just this last week my son's behaviour has been getting odder and odder, as if the antipsychotic was no longer doing its job. Yesterday he went out and didn't reappear till this morning, contrite, having been arrested drunk and disorderly and kept in the cells overnight. Sleepless night for me...

The local anaesthetic has made my finger swell up like a sausage.

So I'm just keeping a lookout for any more straws, as I think another will flatten me.
Hi Starfish
Oh dear what an awful week, they do say bad things happen in threes so hopefully there will be no more straws.
I know it's hard looking after yourself when so many things come along and wallop you at once but try and do just that- take care of yourself.
It seems to be a common thing for elderly people not to use their lifeline buttons because they don't want to bother anyone or feel embarrassed. If you pay for the service try using this as a reminder "to get your moneys worth" out of it.
I hope the police were at least understanding about your son's condition. Can you speak to someone about his medication?
Hi Starfish, sorry to hear you've had such an awful time. Does mum have a rise and fall bathseat? Maybe it's time she had the lecture "that if she carries on like this she's going to end up in a care home because of her own stubbornness." Your son has to come first at the moment.
My mother is exactly the same. I bought her an emergency contact button to wear in the event of a fall or any emergency yet she refuses to wear it, even for my piece of mind. Her excuse was that she only wants me (too proud). I'm now stuck in a contract paying for a button she's too stubborn to use. As for the bath, my mother has a physical disability and is scared of falling despite us putting up a hand rail and bath mat. She instead just washes herself with a flannel and water, kind of like how a nurse gives a bed bath but stood up I suppose.
Thankyou all for your supportive replies. All insignificant events in the context of experiences on the forum, but together overwhelming. BTW Henrietta I think I'm onto my next three, as the car battery died this morning.....

How annoying for you, Lana, to pay out unnecessarily. It's ironic that the one time mum used the alarm in her old flat she was in the bath. She has no memory of that now, or of how the system works. And bowlingbun, as for threatening her with a care home, I visited one yesterday that charged a thousand a week! It offered all sorts of activities but, knowing mum, she wouldn't make the effort to use any of it.

Hard to get to the bottom of my son's arrest, as he can't/won't talk lucidly about it. I'm sure he was getting stressed out at the prospect of meeting the psychiatrist - he hates them. I phoned the custody sergeant to make sure they had provided appropriate adult and solicitor, but on the phone they wouldn't tell me any more than they'd 'followed procedure'. If he's on a treatment order it's assumed he has capacity, I suppose. I have told his CPN.
Lana, my mum's bath seat was provided by Social Services. Mum was very seriously disabled and generally nervous, but she felt so safe that she could have a bath every day, in the early days alone in the house. When the seat was in the raised position, swivelled to the edge of the bath, mum would sit on it, then it would move so it was in the centre of the bath, then lower down with a handset. The reverse process to get out. Ask SSD for an occupational therapy assessment to arrange one. Otherwise, it might be possible to get a DFG - Disabled Facilities Grant - to have a shower fitted.