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Things will now be changing for the Watson family. Had to phone my mother and brother and get my brother to take my husband to hospital whilst I stayed at home with young Robert and my mother. My husband was in agony and chalk white with pain from his hernia. I was very worried that it might have been strangulated. I drove him to our GP's surgery in the morning while the care workers were still here but the receptionist said that all the GP's had finished for the morning and were in a meeting and couldn't be disturbed so we had to leave without hubby being seen so I then phoned and brother took hubby to A & E. To cut a ,long story short my husband now has two hernias (one on each side) and the doctor had to push them back in temporarily. The Social Worker has put in care to put Rob jr to bed from 9.30pm - 10.30pm so no more late Fri and Sat nights for son for a while and no more partying and clubbing...

Thinking of you all.

Hope all is well soon.xx
Oh dear, Eun, that sounds worrying. Very annoying that nobody at the GP could help you as they were all tied up in a meeting - would they be the same if your husband had gone into cardiac arrest in their waiting room?!? We can but wonder!

I don't know much about hernias but I know they can be very painful for men. This is probably your husband's body telling him he needs to do less lifting and physical care for your son now. It's very hard for all of you, but it sounds like you are going to need further support for Rob junior from outside carers, so try to get whatever help they are offering now and also consider keeping it in place after this crisis has passed too.

To be honest, a stay in hospital having his hernias sorted out properly, with recuperation afterwards, would probably do your husband good now, but in the meantime you must have the help you need or you'll end up in hospital too. Fingers crossed you get the help you need soon.
Sorry to hear this Eun. I hope that the care that the SW puts in place is up to scratch.

All the best to Rob Sr - hopefully the hospital will be able to sort out a permanent solution soon.