Change to my partners support

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Hi! My partner has mental health issues and has been seeing a psychologist for 5 years now. 12 months ago he had a new doctor (after a 12 month break as his old doctor fell ill) and this new doctor is very different.

The first doc worked with my partner for years and really built trust and said there was no limit. This new doctor said anything more the. 12 sessions is overkill.

So basically my partner has 2 more sessions with this new doc before...I don't know...he's discharged?

I am so worried about what will happen. My partner is not "cured" and distrusts this doc so much. I don't know how we can get more support or if it will effect his benefits...I don't understand how one doc can see merit in years of therapy for another to come along and make such a different choice! I just don't know what to do! My partner still needs support!